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What is Fueled?

Fueled is a full service agency that provides strategic, design and development services to our clients. We are product specialists who build awesome apps for mobile and web platforms. The Fueled team works in a SoHo based environment called the Fueled Collective, where entrepreneurs and startups come to grow and be surrounded by like minded people who are building amazing technology products.

We like to work on “product driven” (an app that does something) projects rather than “campaign driven” (an app that sells something). We make apps that are innovating, game changing, functional, beautiful and above all - useful.

We bill hourly and we only handle the part of the project that you need us to. Fueled doesn’t lock you into a long term contract or force you to do everything with us. We do what you need and you can cancel at any time.

How we design Android apps

Our team of designers has been working with Android mobile apps since the platform was introduced. We create beautiful and functional user interfaces that are intuitive and easy-to-use.

Our Android app developers have the programming knowledge to bring these designs to life. Our Android apps aren't just functional; they're also responsive, so you know they'll work beautifully on just about any screen across the menagerie of Android devices.

History of Android App Development

The Android Market became available to the public in October 2008 and within a few months application developers were flooding in by the thousands for a chance to build new apps for the biggest smartphone market.

The Android operating system has 75% of the global smartphone market share, a huge opportunity for any app design to try and conquer. The Android Market (now known as Google Play) has over 700,000 apps in the store. How will yours stand out?

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