CleanCube is a revolutionary product and service that offers the convenience of a doorman without the expense. An iPad running the CleanCube app acts as the interface for series of smart-lockers that can live in any apartment building, introducing services like receiving packages or laundry and drycleaning pickup.

User Experience

When designing an app, it's critical to assess the product's audience and setting. In this case, we had to consider a wide range of technical familiarity, including many older users who might never have used a smartphone or tablet.


The functionality is super straight-forward. It was created with two key concepts in mind: simplicity and speed. Users need to be able to log into their CleanCube account and quickly get where they want to go, whether it’s dropping off laundry or picking up groceries.

An example of a userflow that Fueled created for CleanCube
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Wireframing the User Interface

CleanCube is a departure from a standard app in that it won’t be installed on a user’s personal iPad. Instead, it's a publically accessible kiosk. For example, we designed a news and weather “screensaver” that activates while the device isn’t in use to provide passersby with useful information.

Move around all the detail in our wireframes
An example of wireframes which Fueled created for CleanCube


Bringing it together

Large, attractive iconography and buttons made for a simple interface that is easy to navigate. We were careful to avoid turning users off with too much complexity. We also were careful to select a design pallet that could be easily expanded to allow for additional functionality as the range of services CleanCube offers continues to grow.

We were also mindful of implementing a design that would work in all manner of building lobbies, from ultra-modern to art deco to chic. The app’s design is all about enabling simple, elegant utility so that it blends in with the beautiful, clean designs of CleanCube hardware.

Easy To Read

Our designs are simple, big, and easy to read while still reflecting the CleanCube brand identity.

For example, setting a pickup time is done with a huge clock that’s easy to interact with instead of the standard, tiny time-picker most iOS apps use.

Large-Format Interface

Again, we used oversized buttons and navigational elements so that the hardware-mounted iPads would be easy to interact with for any kind of user.

All future-proofed for retina iPad