Award-Winning Alexa Skills Development

Since 2009, Fueled has been committed to helping our clients develop forward-thinking and innovative products. As early adopters of Blockchain, Apple Watch, and the Apple TV, we have a history of seeking out practical applications of emergent technologies and determining the ways they can best help our clients. Alexa Skills development is just another page in the playbook. They are an opportunity to let Fueled show you how the power of voice can help your product blossom.

Award-Winning Alexa Skills Development

In 2017, sales of smart speakers grew 50% over the previous year. Two-thirds of smart speaker owners use their smartphones less thanks to the advances in voice recognition. Not only are consumers buying these products, but the ease of use is making them an integral part of daily life. If you are looking to build an app, consider developing an Alexa Skill to enrich your users’ experience and serve a growing audience. Or better yet, let Fueled do it for you.

At Fueled, we like to think of Alexa Skills as the apps of the Amazon Echo ecosystem. Their goals are often is to answer a question (or series of questions), respond to a command (turn off the lights in a smart home), or start an audio program (i.e. ‘play music’ or ‘start a workout’). We develop Alexa Skills that will become vital ways users

interact with other aspects of your app’s key features. If you are building an information-rich database, we can create an Alexa Skill to help users easily navigate it. If you have a news app, let Alexa give your users daily updates. No matter what your product is, Amazon Echo voice integration can enhance your current offering.

Award-Winning Alexa Skills Development
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Fueled is a product design and development agency that creates award-winning mobile apps that win in the marketplace. We are committed to building the most technically impressive and ambitious products on the market.

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The Evolution of Product Development:Alexa Skills Development

At Fueled, we are no strangers to improving existing products and taking technology to the next level. Our team of backend programmers have years of experience with node.js and LAMDA and are well equipped to put their expertise to use for Alexa Skills development. The best Alexa Skills are simple. Like the best apps, they exist to solve a singular user paint-point.

Do you have an existing app and want to integrate Alexa Skills? Fueled’s product managers work with clients to determine the best way an Alexa Skill can augment your existing product strategy. When developing any product, we find the best feature set to enhance the user experience and drive client ROI. With Alexa Skills, our process starts by asking essential questions. What do you want your Alexa Skill to accomplish? And how can we best implement Alexa Skills into your current product? In finding these answers, maybe we can even help you touch up your app a little.

Award-Winning Alexa Skills Development

We have transformed solid apps from clients Rite Aid, MGM, and Verizon and turned them into top-rated, must have apps for users. If you are coming to us with a brand new app idea or a product that needs a Fueled revamp, we can develop an Alexa Skill to augment the experience. The end result will be a Skill that feels integral to Echo users and a full-fledged core app that exists as a polished, standalone experience.

Choosing the best way to implement a Skill isn’t all that we can help you with. Our expert product management team is used to making intelligent decisions regarding feature sets and will use this knowledge to create the right set of questions and answers for your Alexa Skill. Our product managers will take the same agile approach as every other Fueled project, working iteratively to find the right Skills for you.

Connected Hardware Is The Future.

We will develop Alexa Skills that will enhance your app experience. Whether you have an existing app, need us to make you a mobile app in parallel with a Skill, or just need a standalone Alexa Skill, we are the product experts to get your idea off the ground and into an Echo.

If you want to chat more about Fueled, Alexa Skills development, or your next great idea, drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Award-Winning Alexa Skills Development
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