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The Fueled development team has mastered the art of android app development, making us a front-runner in the booming marketplace. With our efficient and creative development process, our team is able to consistently produce intuitive and polished web and mobile applications that offer an exceptional user experience time after time.


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What is Fueled?

Fueled is a skilled team of strategists, designers and developers who provide superior app building services. We focus on demonstrating an integrative user experience and user interface that leave people feeling exceptionally satisfied with their download. With Fueled offices spanning from New York, to Chicago to London we work with a vibrant team of innovators that have extensive knowledge in all things mobile. Our main office is located in the heart of NYC tech in a co-working space we like to call the Fueled Collective. This co-working space is filled with startups, entrepreneurs and like minded innovators who are creating cutting edge advances in technology.

At Fueled, we don’t just take on any old app idea. We take on projects that possess ideas we feel passionate about, ultimately giving our clients invested team members that make ideas flourish. Through innovation, user-friendly design, and functionality we have become a leader in the mobile app design industry.

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Why We Develop Android Apps

Today, there are over 1.2 million Android apps on the Android market (now referred to as Google Play market). With over 50 billion downloads and growing, Android apps are proving to be a vital platform to utilize for developers.

The Fueled team has years of development experience in the Google Play marketplace, and knows what it takes to create apps that not only possess sleek and innovative user experiences, but also transform client’s ideas into creative works of genius.

As Android and iPhone continues to compete in the mobile app development market, our team continues to excel having extensive knowledge of both platforms, offering clients a competitive design advantage.

How We Develop Android Apps

Our development team has honed a well-rounded and thorough process to create exceptional Android and iPhone apps. The key aspects of our success revolves around simple ideas to create apps that are innovative, engaging and intuitive.

Our development system utilizes four comprehensive steps:


Every great product needs a trademark, and this is where branding comes in. After working with our clients to understand key attributes of user interaction, product functionality, and desired customer experience, our team identifies the unique elements of your brand, which can be translated into a wide range of collateral and logo designs.

User Experience

As with iPhone app design, fluidity and efficiency are key factors in transforming a new user into a frequent user. Once the user experience is concluded, our team provides you with blueprints of your app.

User Interface

After blueprints and wireframes are assessed, the user interface comes into play. This phase of work consolidates the identity of your app even further by highlighting key aspects of your blueprints. The user interface stage solidifies the feel of your app through condensing your custom tailored design.


Normally, after the user interface and user experience is complete the app is ready to hit the market, but here at Fueled we have our signature polishing stage. This stage is where our transitions, animations and special touches occur.

Our app develop process stems from the concept of the “agile agency”. We build our apps in a quick two week sprint where all team members focus full attention on creating the core of your app. With biweekly check in’s, we give our clients the ability to review and provide feedback along the way. Our development process continually exhibits seamless transitions and fluidity. Thanks to our team of developers attention to detail, apps we take on aren’t viewed as complete until these characteristics are proven true.

Fueled’s job is to take your idea and run with it; offering you a vast number of creative designs and strategy to have your app hit the ground running. Average app development companies will simply offer you the technology aspect of the app. At Fueled, we go above and beyond by creating fine-tuned blueprints and design strategy. By offering far more than the average competing company, we are able to give well-rounded expert guidance stepping you up in the rigorous market.

Our development team strives to create apps that keep users coming back. We work to create apps that are remembered and talked about by taking on projects we truly feel passionate about from the inside out.

With everything from a la carte services to full service developments, our experts create comprehensive sleek designs, helping turn your idea into reality.

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