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Fueled’s Google-certified Android app development team has mastered the art of creating amazing apps for enterprise companies and startup clients. Our Android projects with MGM, QuizUp and Rite Aid have made us a front-runner in the market. With top-notch developers from around the world working together with our Android app designers and expert product strategists, we create innovative, beautiful Android apps that users will love. Through our agile process, our Android app development team is able to consistently produce intuitive and polished apps that offer an exceptional user experience time after time.

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What is Fueled?

Fueled is a skilled team of strategists, designers, and developers who will take your app idea and create an award-winning product. We focus on demonstrating an integrative user experience and user interface design that leaves our clients exceptionally with the work we’ve done. With Fueled offices spanning from New York to Noida and London, we have curated a vibrant team of innovators that have extensive knowledge in all things mobile. Through innovation, user-friendly design, and functionality we have become a leader in the mobile app design and development industry.

Who We've Built Android Apps For

At Fueled, we work with the best of the best. We take on projects that present ideas we feel passionate about, ultimately providing our clients with an invested team that will do everything in their power to make great ideas flourish into full-fledged apps.

Preview of QuizUp App

Preview of QuizUp app

The team behind the award-winning multiplayer trivia game QuizUp came to Fueled with an iOS product they wanted on Android. Our Android app developers and designers needed to ensure an experience that catered to 3 million users could be successfully translated to a platform full of new potential users. The result was a #1 app on the Google Play store within hours of launch, and growth in the user base of over 700% to 20 million users in just a month.

Preview of Afterlight app

Preview of Afterlight app

We built the Android version of Afterlight, the classic iPhone photo editing app. Our Android team worked hard to make a user interface that made sense for Android while including new features and filters that would elevate the core Afterlight experience. It quickly became the #1 paid app on the Google Play Store. Afterlight for Android was named among the top apps in “App of the Year” lists by The Next Web and Mashable for 2014.

Preview of MGM app

Preview of MGM app

But at Fueled, we don’t just take successful iOS apps and translate them to Android. We build Android apps from the ground-up alongside iOS apps. We created an Android app in tandem with the iOS version of the latest MGM Resorts mobile offering. Featuring groundbreaking features like mobile check-in, keyless entry, and digital concierge this app is changing how people stay at some of the best resorts in Las Vegas.

Preview of Rite-Aid app

Preview of Rite-Aid app

Fueled reinvented the Rite Aid mobile pharmacy experience for both iOS and Android. We simplified the UX to focus on easy prescription refills and pickup. Using fingerprint recognition and a reworked backend API, we ensured Rite Aid’s customers’ information was kept secure. The launch of the app led Rite Aid to see a 7% increase in prescription refills.

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The Cutting Edge ofAndroid App Development

We develop Android apps that dominate the marketplace by providing users with the latest in groundbreaking functionality by way of our advanced Android toolset. Our Android app developers already have experience with MLKit — Google’s machine learning tech brought to mobile. If your app needs features like text recognition, face detection, barcode scanning, landmark detection, or any other MLKit offerings, we are the industry experts to turn to. We will review your product strategy and find the feature set that is the perfect fit.

We got the bases covered when it comes AI assistant development integration. Yes, we develop Alexa Skills, but we also have a team of Google Assistant specialists and strategists that will tell you the best way to take advantage of the latest AI upgrades in your Android app. Using Slices via Android Jetpack we can create voice-activated functions for any app. We can make sure your app becomes an essential by taking advantage of Google Assistant and Routines.

Our Android app development team is continually working to stay ahead of the latest development trends and discover how they can best be utilized in our client work. We are currently working with Android Things to develop software for connected hardware devices and the Internet of Things.

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Android App Development vsiOS App Development

As Android and iOS continue to compete in the mobile app development market, our team continues to excel at having extensive knowledge of both platforms, offering clients a competitive design advantage. But what if I’m coming to Fueled with an idea and don’t know which platform it’s right for? Well, we can help out with that. We can help you find the right product-market fit for your app and decide if Android app development is right for your idea. 

There are many reasons to consider developing for Android. First and foremost, there are more Android users worldwide. Android phones reached a market share of 85% worldwide in 2018. If you are at a younger company wishing to grow brand awareness, putting an app on the Google Play Store has SEO advantages over the App Store. Having your app in Google Play places you into Google’s app indexing library. The largest significant SEO benefit from this inclusion is that views on your apps Play Store page convert to site page views.

iPhone apps, on the other hand, have one very clear advantage. Apple is the marketplace leader in App Store revenue with an estimated $46.6 billion in revenue, so your app has the opportunity to make more money if you monetize intelligently. iOS apps have the convenience of knowing their platform is ubiquitous and scalable — an app designed for iPhone 7 will be able to run on the 8 as well as the 6. Apple’s dedication to their core tenants has led to sleek, touch-based designs. Our team is here to walk you through project strategy and decide which platform, or platforms, are the best fit for your app idea.

Our AndroidProgramming Languages

At Fueled, we develop Android apps using Kotlin, which has produced amazing results. While we used to use Java, we have now moved to the more modern Kotlin for a number of reasons.

Kotlin is a general-purpose, open-source, statically typed “pragmatic” programming language for Android app development. The language is designed to interoperable with Java code, so when first switching over from Java we could easily make the transition and compile code from both languages within the same project. For our needs, Kotlin was simply an improvement in many technical areas that allow our Android team to make more advance apps that will stay modern for a longer period of time.

For backend development, our backend team uses Python to create APIs for both Android and iOS projects. Python lets us create scalable, dynamic APIs that supports both our frontend Android developers and the rest of our team to create the best apps for the Android marketplace.

These languages, in tandem with the tools our app design team uses throughout the design process, are just the tip of the iceberg. What truly makes our Android apps standout is our detailed process. Yes, every project is unique and approached in the most optimal way to create a successful project, but by sticking to these core tenants we have built a reliable roadmap through product development.

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Our Android AppDevelopment Process

Our development team has honed a well-rounded and thorough process to create exceptional Android and iPhone apps. The key aspects of our success revolve around executing on basic ideas to create accessible apps that are innovative, engaging and intuitive.

Our Android app development system utilizes six comprehensive steps:

Strategy and Concepting

Fueled’s job is to take your idea and run with it; offering you a vast number of creative designs and strategy to have your app hit the ground running. Many app development agencies will simply be your “yes man” and don’t have any ideas of their own. At Fueled, we are more than just a dev shop. We will discuss how your mobile app should fit in with your digital business strategy, and we will challenge your initial ideas and have real conversations about the product before ensuring everyone agrees to a feature-set that accomplishes your goals. By offering far more than the average competing company, we are able to give well-rounded expert guidance stepping you up in the rigorous market.

User Experience and User Interface

As is the case with iPhone app design and web design, fluidity and efficiency are key factors in user retention and customer satisfaction. Our designers work on many iterative UI and UX prototypes to produce wireframes that the clients are happy with. These are shared and collaborated on in tandem with our Android development team, so our team is always on the same page. Once the user experience prototype design is concluded, our team provides you with the blueprints of your app and our developers get to work.

Programming and Development

Our Android app development methodology stems from the concept of the “agile process”. We build our apps in two-week sprints where all team members focus full attention on creating the core of your app. With bi-weekly check-ins, we give our clients the ability to review and provide feedback along the way. Our development process continually exhibits seamless transitions and fluidity. Thanks to our team of developers attention to detail, apps we take on aren’t viewed as complete until we have met the standards set in the product concepting stages of development.

Our development team strives to create apps that keep users coming back. We work to create apps that are remembered and talked about by taking on projects we truly feel passionate about. Our international team of experts creates comprehensive sleek designs, helping turn your idea into an app that wins in the marketplace.


Every great brand is easily identifiable and has a consistent tone. This is where branding comes in. We work with clients to adapt brand logos, color schemes, and associated symbolism to mobile. Our Android design team focuses on the blending of user interaction, product functionality, and desired customer experience while keeping the client requirements in mind along the way.


Normally, after the user interface and user experience is complete the app is ready to hit the Google Play Store, but here at Fueled, we ensure your app will go above and beyond industry standards. This stage is where our transitions, animations and special touches are added in and we try to squeeze in that last quick feature that almost didn’t make the cut.

The Cost of AndroidApp Development

Our billing process is painless and we don’t bill upfront. Just like we work in agile two-week sprints, we bill bi-monthly, so that if you are ever unsatisfied with our services, you are not tied into a contract. We firmly believe in our ability to give clients exactly what they pay for and if we aren’t living up to our word, you have the right to let us know. Transparency is key to creating amazing Android apps at Fueled, but it is also crucial to helping you, the client, know exactly what we are doing with your money.

Let Us Build YouAn Android App

So what do you say? Are you ready to take on an Android project with Fueled? Maybe you just have an idea for an app that could help your business and want to know if it is best suited for iPhone or Android. We can help with that too! Our product experts can determine if Android app development is right for you and if so we can design and develop the perfect product for you — because why settle for anything less than the best?

If you have more questions about Fueled or how we approach Android app development, just give us a call. We are here to help take your Android app to the next level.

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