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Chicago is the largest major tech hub of the Midwest by a landslide. For decades, companies like Orbitz, Boeing, and Allstate have spoken for themselves. In 2017, almost 50%  of all VC funding raised in the midwest was raised in the windy city. Chicago mobile app development is the next step for this ever-evolving city. Apps created for Chicago’s biggest companies, like Allstate, have set the industry’s standards to a high bar. We know we can make apps that go above and beyond what is expected. Fueled is ready to help some of Chicago’s top companies knock their digital business competitors out of the water.

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What isFueled

Fueled is a mobile app development and design agency creating top rated apps for Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s most successful startups. We’ve made beautiful, award-winning apps for Warby Parker, MGM, QuizUp, and, among over 200 other projects for iOS, Android, and web.

Fueled is a global company. This means we have offices in New York City, London, and India, and have remote employees located around the world in Europe and the UK. Being global also means we work with clients around the globe, from Seattle to Pittsburgh, from Las Vegas to Hong Kong, from Austin to Atlanta, we have partnered with international companies to create groundbreaking apps. For years, we have been bringing this expertise to Chicago mobile app development.

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Chicago Mobile App Development ForEnterprise Tech Companies

Fortune 500 companies in Chicago and surrounding areas in Illinois include insurance industry leaders State Farm and Allstate, pharmacy company Walgreens, and machine manufacturing company Caterpillar. Yet, many of these can still be wise look to how other Chicago enterprises are expanding their digital offerings through mobile apps. This is the best of what Chicago mobile app development has to offer.

Travel booking is done almost entirely through third party websites. Orbitz was founded in Chicago in 2001 as a partnership between airlines and online travel agencies in order to lower airline costs. After a successful decade and a half of acquiring name recognition and growing revenue, Orbitz was acquired by Expedia in 2015 for $1.2 billion. The Orbitz mobile app is up-to-date and designed for the latest versions of iOS and Android and is one of the most downloaded, highly rated travel apps on the market.

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Based in Chicago, Groupon is one of the most successful coupon and deals e-commerce sites in the world. As of 2018, Groupon had 49 million active monthly customers. The Groupon mobile app was downloaded 171 million users as of December 2017. It is consistently among the top 10 Shopping apps on the App Store

Shopping App Development Chicago Mobile App Development

CareerBuilder was an early competitor in the online employment job search site scene. Launched in Chicago in 1995, it grew rapidly over the following 13 years to have the largest market share of any online employment website by 2008. Today, CareerBuilder is making over $700 million per year and has top rated Business apps in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Chicago Mobile App Development isFueling E-Commerce And SaaS Growth

Food technology encompasses so many industries. Food and dining industry pioneers McDonald’s and Kraft were founded in Chicago, but cultivating and growing a food brand in the digital age is a much different task. Creating consumer-friendly services that find a niche in the food industry is difficult, yet many Chicago companies have found success and profitability in this arena.

Grubhub is the largest food delivery operation in the country and it was started in Chicago.

With more than 50,000 restaurants in 1100+ cities, Grubhub has changed food delivery. Phone calls are a thing of the past and ordering on your laptop or mobile app. Even the top competitor in the delivery space Seamless has merged into Grubhub, making them the dominant force in an industry with millions of monthly active users.

Chicago Mobile App Development

HomeChef is a meal-kit delivery service that is one of the fastest growing companies in Illinois. The e-commerce and food tech hybrid, quickly gaining ground on competitors like Blue Apron, made over $200 million in revenue last year and is growing its operation on a yearly basis since launching in 2013. Supermarket giant Kroger acquired HomeChef for $200 million in June 2018 with plans to expand and roll the meal kits out for purchase in Kroger brick and mortar locations.

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Another Chicago success story is RXBar. Acquired in 2017 by Kellogg, the protein cereal bar company has been raking in profit. Kellogg has since expanded distribution, leading to $59 million RXBar sales in the second quarter of 2018. RXBar products are now available nationwide at retailers such as Whole Foods, Target, Starbucks, and Trader Joe's.

Chicago Ecommerce And SaaS Apps AreTaking Off

C-commerce and Software and a Service are fulfilling the needs of both individual consumers and corporate entities. It only makes sense that Chicago is home to some of the most successful services and platforms used by consumers and businesses.

One of the best examples of a Chicago e-commerce brand breaking out and making a name for itself is Trunk Club. The delivery company takes the meal kit model of shopping and applies it to fashion. Trunk Club sends customers clothing on a regular basis decided by the customer (weekly, monthly etc.). Letting you chat with stylists about what you like and choose from brands you love, Trunk Club has been helping people bring their wardrobe to the next level for years. In 2014, the e-commerce company was acquired by Nordstrom for $350 million.

One of the most utilized SaaS applications out of the Chicago area is cloudcraze. Cloudcraze uses cloud computing to speed up the B2B commerce process, making it easier for businesses to grow, while keeping their client’s needs in mind. Acquired by Salesforce in 2018, the B2B company’s platform is now being used by major global brands like Coca-Cola and Land O’ Lakes.

Healthcare app development

Chicago Mobile App DevelopersCare About Healthcare

Tech in the healthcare sector ranges from resource websites to technology that is saving lives. From platforms that connect patients to healthcare providers in an unprecedented way to advancements in customer service in general health, dental and ocular care, Chicago is making a difference. Chicago mobile app development companies in healthcare are providing essential services.  

Veritas Health is a comprehensive online publisher with six million monthly visitors. Their goal is patient education especially when it comes to spine health, arthritis, sports-related injuries, and chronic pain. Veritas Health has created a reputable resource by ensuring all their content is blind peer reviewed by healthcare professionals before publishing.

Opternative is a Chicago-based solution to traditional annual eye exams. If you need updated contact lens or glasses prescriptions Opternative gives a great alternative to going into an eye doctor. Using your laptop and the Opternative mobile app, take an online vision test that is doctor reviewed and can be used to get prescriptions anywhere you normally would pick them up. The fee is nominal compared to a full eye exam, and while it doesn’t replace the eye exam, it is a great alternative for anyone who lacks insurance, is in a financial pinch, or needs an updated prescription ASAP.

Collective Health is a workforce health management system that has raised over $200 million since being founded in Chicago in 2013. Their service provides a web and mobile platform to manage employee healthcare programs company-wide. Collective Health’s platform  is used by Activision-Blizzard, eBay, RedBull and many other of the world’s leading corporations.

iOS App Developmentin Chicago

iOS apps are where the money is made, literally. Between in-app purchases, paid apps, and subscription models iOS apps earned over $38 million in 2017. iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch apps are our bread and butter at Fueled. We know the right iOS apps can earn our clients a profit. We are always one step ahead of the curve, ensuring our end products are fine-tuned for user satisfaction, client business strategy, and delivering ROI.

App Development ROI
According to TechCrunch, worldwide first-time app installs grew to 51 billion in 1H18, or up 11.3 percent compared with the same time last year, when downloads were then 45.8 billion across the two app stores.

For Fueled, one way our iOS developers can offer the most immersive user experience possible is using emerging technology like augmented reality. AR can expand the offerings of e-commerce apps, edtech apps, and healthcare apps. The applications of AR could be especially useful for Chicago-based companies looking to bring their current mobile apps up to standards with the industry leaders.

Many Chicago tech companies have already begun to tackle new, profitable ideas in the Chicago iOS app development scene. has brought their peer to peer marketplace for music gear to the App Store. The app is extremely highly rated and is the best way for thrifty musicians to buy guitars, amps, and audio equipment from trusted retailers and collectors. With exclusive video content, the Chicago mobile app development company has supported a vibrant marketplace with brand-building content.

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Android App Developmentin Chicago

Android app development is a great way to reach a new audience and expand your mobile portfolio. We have dedicated development and design teams for your Android product just waiting for the perfect pitch. The Android worldwide smartphone market share is over 80%. The best way to create a product that resonates with a significant number of mobile users is to create an app from the ground up for Android. We will make that app for you.  

Our Android team is on top of the latest development trends and always ensures the apps we make for you will use cutting-edge tech to build an innovative feature set. Specifically, we work with MLKit, Google’s mobile machine learning toolkit. Since Google I/O 2018, our Android team has been committed to finding the best ways to integrate image labeling, text recognition, face detection, barcode scanning, and landmark detection into our projects. Fueled is the Chicago mobile app development company to turn to build machine learning into your Android app. We are also actively working on projects with Android Things, Google Assistant integration, and more.

In the Chicago mobile app development scene, multiple companies have created great Android products in addition to iOS and web offerings. Higi is a Chicago based healthcare startup with an app that tracks health measurements like BMI, blood pressure, heart rate. The app strategy works in tandem with a series of connected hardware kiosks in grocery chains across the country. Higi has a supportive development team that is constantly addressing user complaints and updating their Android app for the best user experience possible.

Chicago MobileApp Development Costs

We know that building iOS and Android apps from the ground-up is a resource-intensive process. And to butt heads with the stiff competition in Chicago is a demanding offer. Luckily, at Fueled we can commit a team of product strategists, designers, and developers to your project for as long as it takes to complete the app of your dreams.

At Fueled, we work in two-week agile sprints. We dedicate a team of developers, designers, and product specialists to your project, providing deliverables and meeting twice a week to check-in. We bill within these sprints, so clients are not tied to a contract and can cancel service at any time. This transparency is key to what makes a Fueled app the best option for many businesses from Rite Aid to Crunchbase, to whatever you have in mind for your next project.

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So, what do you say? Does an app tickle your fancy? Are you ready to build with Fueled? If you are in Chicago or the Chicagoland area and want to build an app, you know who to call.

If you have any questions about Fueled, Chicago mobile app development, or just want to chat, please let us know. We are here to help you bring your digital business strategy to the next level.

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