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  • Here at Fueled, we have a long track record of producing state-of-the-art mobile and web apps, and this expertise allows us to be leaders in decentralized application (dApp) development.  Our dApp developers create products that are not only beautifully designed, they are tailored to solve problems and gain a dedicated user base. We have a history of building products that get media attention. We will make your dApp the next big thing in the blockchain space.
  • Our agile dApp development process focuses on providing constructive feedback at every step to ensure your dApp goes from whitepaper concept to fully-featured. You can expect your final product to be sophisticated and innovative—peppered with creative touches that put your dApp in a class of its own.
  • We will refine your whitepaper to make a product that will maximize market potential and be immediately understandable to users and investors.
  • To generate the pre-release attention your dApp deserves, our team will conduct user testing, help you raise capital by way of an ICO, and develop a robust marketing strategy that will speak to your products’ ideal market.
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During the first stages of the development process, we will be able to help you determine which kind of dApp best suits your project and vision. We use languages like Solidity to create a backend on the blockchain that is secure and upgradable. We will aid your decision in creating a pure dApp or hybrid dApp. If you want all your data available on the blockchain, we help you create a cost-effective pure dApp on a completely decentralized network. We have worked extensively with open source and third party APIs. We will use our expertise to help you create a hybrid dApp on Ethereum, wrapped around an API that lets you control functionality. We can ensure your service API is always in communication with your Ethereum network. For our enterprise clients interested in blockchain development, we can provide a secure dApp that allows for high end security and infrastructure management.

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ICO: Building A New Cryptocurrency

At Fueled, we make award winning mobile apps. With our market expertise and agile approach to design and development, we have all the necessary tools to build successful cryptocurrencies that stand out. Our team will make sure your token or coin finds its place in a saturated market, full of new ICOs everyday.

Creating Your Cryptocurrency

  • Currencies used as alternatives to Bitcoin are called altcoins or simply “coins”. If you have an idea for a new coin, Fueled will be able to successfully bring it into the world. Coins are built on the same open-source platform as Bitcoin, but with code changes that give them unique sets of features. Our team will guide you through the coin development process and give you feedback on the best coding choices for your specific project.
  • Not all cryptocurrencies need to possess their own blockchain. Tokens represent tradable goods and often act identically to coins. For those clients looking to create a product on top of an existing blockchain - such as Ethereum, we can create a token. We will refine your pitch to ensure your idea is communicated through design. Your token will be created and distributed through an ICO.
ICO Strategy

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Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Services are Essential To Building dApps

Ethereum smart contracts are a key aspect of leverage blockchain code for businesses. By providing smart contract services integrated into your dApp, we can ease costs of B2B transactions. Our solidity developers draft details and write code to ensure efficient smart contracts. Solidity development is essential for transaction based dApps and we will ensure the most secure contracts for both our startup and enterprise clients.

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