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Chef’s Feed

This dining app shows which nearby restaurants the world's most talented chefs love. Wherever you are, Chef’s Feed will help out.


Chef’s Feed is a hub for foodies that makes it easy to find quality restaurants, bars and coffee shops near you. It’s also chock full of videos, articles, and recipes featuring some of the hardest working and most talented chefs in the business, their recipes, and opinions on cooking.

Finding new places with Chef’s Feed is simple. Locations will appear only if at least one chef has left a recommendation. View the hottest spots near you via the map, or filter a list by proximity or recent arrivals. Each chef’s recommendation includes a quick blurb, a link to their profile, and their recommended dish.

ChefsFeed Restaurant Mobile App Screenshots Dining App

Each restaurant tab has all the information you will need — address, hours, website/menu, and easy reservations via an integration with Opentable - Chef’s Feed has it all.

Chef’s Feed is also a great place to learn new recipes and get to know the personalities of cooks across the world.  Each chef profile contains a brief bio and lists the restaurants where they work, accolades, and favorite spots. So pick a restaurant you like and see their head chef’s favorite place for dim sum, or just poke around and find the place with the most recommendations.

Chef’s Feed also curates lists such as “the best tartare in San Francisco” based on local recommendations within the app. Create your own lists, too. Add any chef or restaurant profile to a list and you’re on your way to creating the ultimate master lists of the best places to eat in all your favorite cities.

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