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Filtru Coffee

Filtru Coffee is the ultimate coffee timer app that will save your mornings by helping you get the most use out of your coffeemaker.


Filtru has brewing guides for 9 popular brewing devices; French Press, Moka Pot, Siphon, Kalita Wave, Bee House Dripper, Chemex, AeroPress, Hario V60 and Bonmac Dripper. For each brewing method, the app gives a brief description and basic instructions for those who have never used the device before — or if you are just curious to learn more.

After you’ve selected your brewing device of choice, it’s time to customize your morning cup. Choose your grind size (Filtru will only display the best options for the coffee maker you are using) and how many cups you desire and Filtru does the rest of the work for you, letting you know how much water to measure out and listing off the materials you’ll need to prep.


Once you’ve finalized your settings, simply tap on the graphic of the device and the timer will start. You will be given step by step instructions on how much water to use, when to pour, and how long to let the coffee bloom, steep, and drain. With intuitive UI, Filtru ensures you always know what exactly to do to brew that perfect pot of coffee.

Save your ideal brew settings and add them to your favorites by pressing the heart in the upper right-hand corner. Your custom brew will always appear on your home screen. From here, you can also sync the coffee timer app with Apple HealthKit on your Apple Watch to monitor your daily caffeine intake, or sync up with the four compatible Bluetooth digital scales available.

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