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Laundry Day

Think you're doing laundry all wrong? You probably are. Laundry Day is the perfect laundry app to help you prevent your favorite new top from…


Care symbols were designed by GINETEX, the International Association for Textile Care Labelling in the late 1950s. They have been the international standard for decades, and have proven vital over the years, due to the increased manufacturing of clothing internationally.

Care symbols give instructions on which methods are safe and recommended to use on a given article of clothing or vice versa. These fall into a handful of categories such as water temperature, bleaching instructions, ironing and drying recommendations.

Laundry_Day_Mobile_App_Screenshots laundry app

If you are like us and have better things to do than stress about water temperature, you are probably washing your clothes the wrong way. Maybe you’ve been living dangerously, mixing your whites and towels and slowly (or quickly) ruining your favorite clothes. Laundry Day is the perfect app to help anyone figure out how to do laundry properly, whether you are doing your first load ever or doing it every day for a family of five.

Using the app is simple:

  1. Once you scan your tag and the app registers each symbol, the category screen will pop up, highlighting each symbol listed on your specific tag.
  2. Tap the ‘next’ arrow and you will be able to see a detailed list explaining each symbol and their corresponding washing instructions.
  3. From here, just follow the instructions and you’ll darken a white shirt, or have unnecessary jeans shrinkage again.  

Laundry Day is a great resource and an innovative use of tech. At only $.99, this is a productivity tool that will get used every single week.

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