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SALT : Your New Favorite Restaurant App

Find great new places to eat in your area based on the recommendations of your friends and tastemakers with the restaurant app SALT.


If your friends, or the tastemakers you follow, have saved a place or left a review, you have instant access to their thoughts and recommendations. This restaurant app's list view lets you filter by cuisine and will show you all your friends’ favorite ramen spots or most frequented late-night pizza joints.

Each restaurant, cafe, or bar is fully detailed. From the map you can select a location and view the address, cuisine type (represented by an emoji from the map view) and price range, all while still searching for alternatives. After you find somewhere that really piques your appetite, you can swipe up for more details to view the menu, hours, and contact info.


If you were already curating lists your favorite places to eat, the SALT app has got you covered. Import any list of locations you’ve saved on a notes app or in a spreadsheet and SALT will retroactively add them to your places. Do you have stubborn friends that won’t download a new app, but you still want to share your recs with them? SALT lets you export your lists in a web-accessible format that anyone can view.

In addition to its primary features, SALT integrates with other applications. You can book a reservation with OpenTable directly through the app. SALT also makes it simple to request Ubers to any saved location you may be headed to. These are just the cherries on top of a beautiful restaurant app that will save you hours of indecision.

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