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Serato Pyro

Meet your personal DJ playlist app - From smooth song transitions to intelligent suggestions, Serato Pyro can help keep your music vibes going strong.

Serato Pyro Music Mixing App

Over the last decade, Serato, a music production software company based in New Zealand, has made a name for itself as a leading innovator of digital DJing.

Venturing into the mobile world in 2016, Serato created Serato Pyro, a playlist app that works with your Spotify or iTunes account to make your playlists sound more like DJ sets than song lists.

Serato Pyro DJ App Screenshots

Once you link your account, you can select one of your playlists or create a queue of songs from your streaming service’s database. As each song comes to an end, the app finds the best place to transition into the next song, creating a seamless flow of music throughout the entire playlist.

Running low on songs in your queue? Thanks to almost twenty years of Serato’s intellectual property and a ton of complex algorithms, Serato Pyro provides intelligent suggestions for upcoming songs based on characteristics like tempo and genre.

For Spotify Premium users, the app also features exclusive playlists created by Pyro, which highlight the favorite songs of artists including The Roots and Flosstradamus.

Whether you need some calm music to work to or some energy-boosting tunes for a party, this playlist app can provide a smooth listening experience for whichever genre you’re jamming to.

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