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What’s the best NFT App?

If you're here, there is no doubt you're familiar with the world of NFTs. Even celebrities from the sports, fashion, and entertainment industry have shown…

If you're here, there is no doubt you're familiar with the world of NFTs. Even celebrities from the sports, fashion, and entertainment industry have shown interest in being a part of the crypto art revolution, spending millions of dollars creating or investing in these "non-fungible tokens".

Buying and selling NFTs became the phenomenon around crypto assets that everyone is talking about these days. Here we'll help you choose what's the best NFT app for you, but as NFT apps do many different things, we made a list of the best.


Open Sea
Popular for a reason

It seems the most dominant player for NFTs is the OpenSea marketplace. It’s massive with almost all of the biggest projects represented on the platform. Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Cool Cats NFT, Doodles, and many more top the rankings regularly.

Apple’s App Store policy says that it will take a cut of any digital assets sold or purchased within apps which is why many NFT apps allow you to browse, but not acquire. OpenSea is the same. You can look through the marketplace before jumping to the the browser to make a purchase. Some apps, like Coinbase, have a built-in browser to sign into OpenSea and make purchases that go directly to your wallet.

Any information from OpenSea is here in its app. You can view stats and rankings, including sorting by blockchain type. You have your profile in the app too, complete with any NFTs you own. Compared to Coinbase, your NFTs have much more information. View properties, description, history, offers, and listings.

More than just buying and selling crypto

If you’ve been in the NFT space for any time at all, you’ve likely heard the name Coinbase before. They’re a big player in the crypto space, specializing in buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The company also offers the Coinbase Wallet app though that holds your crypto, including NFTs.

Coinbase Wallet is split between your coins and your NFTs. When viewing your NFTs, you can see the artwork front and center — that’s part of the benefits of ownership after all. If you have multiples from the same collection, they’re automatically grouped together for easier organization.

Soon, Coinbase is launching its own NFT marketplace to take on the incumbent players. This will be surely integrated directly into its existing mobile apps. It will be launching with several big names such as Boss Beauties, World of Women, and Doodles among many more.

Analyze your NFT choices

The NFT AI app brings some visibility to the world of NFTs. They don’t always have metrics, rarity levels, rankings, and other information collected into one place. NFT Ai does. There are hundreds of collections that you can peruse, track, and learn more about. With NFT AI, you can help grow your collection the right way.

As you browse NFTs and projects, you can pin your faves that you can come back to at any time. Individual NFTs will have their rarity level, relative to the project. It will then rank them within the project so that rarity level means something.

A running chart keeps you abreast of any trending projects, that way you can get in on the action before it hits its peak and you miss out. FOMO no more. To help you stay ahead there is also an integrated calendar. Hyped projects are added to the calendar and you’re able to jump on it the second it becomes available.

This insight is fascinating and the more you get into NFTs, the more you’ll want to dig into all of this data. NFT AI is early to this game and may be the go-to choice for NFT information.

A wallet for crypto and NFTs

Like Coinbase, MetaMask is a fully-capable crypto wallet for iOS. It has plenty of built-in security and an easy onboarding process for new users. It’s incredibly easy request payments in crypto as well as make your own outgoing payments. These funds can be sent globally, directly from your MetaMask wallet. No crypto? Purchase it in-app with a bank transfer or Apple Pay. I think it’s amazing you can buy crypto just with Apple Pay and Face ID.

Whether you’re storing crypto or NFTs, both can be viewed in your MetaMask wallet. They call them collectibles and they’re stored, again, similarly to Coinbase.

In the app is also an integrated web browser. That allows you to trade or mint NFTs without having to jump to an external browser. This is how you can authenticate too. Connect your wallet to sites like OpenSea and buy NFTs any time you’d like. As we’ve found, some NFTs can’t be minted in Coinbase as they prefer MetaMask as well as the other way around. Now no matter the preference, you’re covered.

Follow the smart money

NFTBase is another analytical tool to monitor NFTs that’s slightly different than NFT AI. Mushroom Cloud, Inc. pitches NFTBase as the first NFT social trading network, but it amounts to a fancy NFT tracker. You can scour the charts, checking in for trending collection based on the last 24 hours, various indexes, or what’s deemed “hot.”

What I think makes NFTBase so interesting, is it leverages those already doing well in the space. You can follow along with celebrities and influencers to see what they’re holding or selling. This can be a great indicator of what will do well or bottom out. The same goes with what NFTBase calls whales and smart money. These are even more accurate.

If there is a specific what you trust, your can follow them, imitating their moves to cash in yourself. You can see what they’re holding, position changes, their activity, and more. This gives insight into their strategies so one day you can become the smart money, making decisions on your own.

The analytics are key to any NFT project. You can go with the hype, but combining the information you glean from tools such as NFTBase and NFT Ai,

Own parts of rare collectibles

With NFTs, you’re owning a digital object, Dibbs is merging the physical world with the digital world by allowing you to fractionally own rare collectables. The way it works is Dibbs acquires rare items, such as baseball cards, then turns them into NFTs that can be purchased.

That NFT is split into a collection of tokens. Rather than having to spend the thousands on what a card is actually worth, you can own a certain number of NFTs, giving you a percentage of the whole ownership. This is the easiest way for individuals to have ownership in things like a holographic Charizard Pokemon card or a rare 2017 Prizm Patrick Mahomes playing card.

The app helps you visualize your earnings, watch the value grow, and explore other collections of items to invest in. At any time, you can trade or sell your NFTs, whether you want to cash out or pull your money for an even bigger purchase.

Where your favorite brands sell NFTs

Many of the major NFT projects are from the relatively obscure. Who’s particularly heard of Bored Ape Yacht Club prior to the NFT craze? Exactly. As NFTs have gotten popular, larger brands have wanted to join in on the action. It’s a way for them to make some money off their IP as well as a way for users to show their fandom.

VeVe is where much of those NFTs are being offered. Disney, DC, Marvel, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Adventure Time, and others all are present on VeVe. Many of these collectables have high quality 3D models that you can view in AR.

These collectables can be shared outside of the app as well as on the social feed within VeVe. Any items you’re looking to sell can be listed on the marketplace. With NFTs, known brands can help make the whole space more approachable. People understand and trust them making VeVe a great choice for those who want to get into NFTs.

Make your own NFTs

All of the apps I’ve discussed thus far have revolved around analyzing, storing, or buying NFTs. The last pillar is how to create and sell your own NFTs. There’s a number of apps out there but the one I see used frequently is NFT Go.

NFT Go makes it as easy as choosing an image, write a name and description, then choose your blockchain of choice. That’s it. You can list an NFT for sale. Other can buy your NFTs within the NFT Go app, making it a one-stop shop.

At the same time, you can view and buy from other major projects. BAYC for example. This is unique, because as I already mentioned, Apple takes a cut. NFT Go makes it possible anyway to purchase NFTs from within the app. Even if you aren’t creating your own NFTs, this is the easiest way to purchase them without needing to head to your phone’s browser.

But enough about other people's apps.


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