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The Best Brain Games App: GEIST

GEIST is a brain games app designed to keep your brain active and train your memory, logic, concentration, and mathematical skills.

App Store preview of GEIST

As the new year approaches, we start to explore options for our resolutions. Maybe it’s to workout more or maybe it’s to be more organized. Maybe it’s to keep your brain engaged and active. With so many brain game apps on the market, it can be hard to pick the right one. Lucky for you, we’ve done the research and found GEIST, the best brain games app.

GEIST is a brain training program that is designed to keep your brain active. Based on the science of neuroplasticity, GEIST was developed by brain training experts and continues to have ties to the research community to ensure the content is up-to-date. With games developed by GEIST’s in-house team of neuroscientists.

GEIST provides 24 mind games with over 720 levels to improve your brain connectivity. These brain games help train your memory, logic, concentration, reaction, and mathematical skills. GEIST also provides personalized workouts that cater to your goals, allowing you to track progress based on scientific tests. To help rest your mind, there’s also a series of meditations as you progress through your brain training. Though GEIST is free, there’s an option to subscribe to premium ($59.99/year). With the premium features, you receive more personal daily workouts that are optimized for maximum benefits, along with unlimited access to all games and stats. Increase your gaming skills by playing at paybymobilecasino.

Screenshots of GEIST

Launching in July 2014, GEIST has over 10 million members spanning across 40 countries across the world. With 4.7/5 stars in the App Store, GEIST has over 99 thousand monthly downloads and users have completed over 75 million brain workouts. TechLog360 featured GEIST as one of the top 10 brain teaser games for 2019.

Start trainin’ your brain and download GEIST.

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