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Breaker is a social podcast app that feels like a social network. See what your friends are listening to with this social podcast app.

Breaker is a social podcast app. When you sign up you are prompted to follow your Facebook friends and Twitter mutuals. Like Instagram, you can view friend activity to see what podcasts they just finished. Browse user profiles to see other users’ subscriptions. Each podcast episode on Breaker can be liked, shared, or commented on from anywhere in the app. Read the comments on popular podcasts while browsing, or if you are in the middle of a funny bit, just hit that like button on the podcast player tab. If you think an episode would be perfect for a friend, one tap lets you share the podcast to their Breaker profile, or via Facebook, Twitter or text, all from within the app.


Breaker caters to newbies looking to discover podcasts their friends are into, but it also knows many users are migrating from other apps. They accounted for this by letting you import subscriptions from other popular podcast apps like Apple Podcasts and Overcast.

The app has all the basics covered like adjusting your listening speed to fit your liking, turning on Skip Silences, and everything you need to squeeze that 45-minute podcast perfectly into your 40-minute commute. Breaker adds some welcome minor quality of life improvements too. Add episodes to your playlist in any order and Breaker will automatically download them.

By letting you customize your download storage limit, Breaker makes sure you don’t end up with gigs upon gigs of podcasts. Plus, you can set the app to automatically remove a podcast from downloads once you finish, so no need to manually manage your downloads.

The app tracks how many podcasts you listened to as well how much time you’ve saved using the skipped silence feature. You’ll agonize over the days worth of shows you listen to, but hopefully, you used Breaker to save an hour or two per week. This additional layer of gamification is an added bonus to an already stellar podcast app. Breaker is available now in the App Store and is set to come to Android very soon.

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