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Design Challenge: Week 6

Here at Fueled, as you may know, our design team task themselves with a bi-monthly design challenge. The task at hand is fairly simple; we take a brief from a pool of suggestions and tackle it in just 2 hours. However, there are no winners in the design challenge. Taking a break from projects for a little while proves invaluable to us to share our ideas, explore our processes, and grow as designers. This week's challenge comes from Mr. James Lindsay.

The Brief

It’s off-season in sports, which means a roll-out of brand new kits. The challenge for you, is to design one. Any sport, and theme.

The Submissions

André Gonçalves

"Im not much interested in sports or Football clubs, so I decided to design a sports kit for Portugal national team since its pretty much the only team I root for.

There's not much to it… I tried to make it as minimal as possible. Also want to represent the asymmetric aspect of our flag since it's it has an important meaning… "More blood than Hope"… something along this lines :)

I, then added a subtle pattern to everything to add some visual depth but still maintain the minimal and holistic aspect of it."

Sean Kerry

"I wanted to venture away from the ‘norm’ when it comes to team kits and create something that would be instantly recognisable on a pitch. I enjoy creating patterns using bold colours and geometrical shapes so decided to apply this here. There would definitely be no mistaking which team is playing in these colours!"

Ryan Murphy

"OK then, I've wanted to do some nice Portuguese Tiles since André wowed me on the postcard challenge. So I set about doing some, as I researched them I noticed the same colour combinations, which reminded me of my favourite Portuguese side, FC Porto.

I deliberated whether to adhere to their classic stripes, but the tiles didn't look right, so here we have it, a tiled kit. Then added some trimmings, and effects to the shorts, socks and sleeves. Put the sponsors, badge and manufacturer in for extra creds."

Dan Makepeace

- André Gonçalves

Alex Lockey

"Football teams seam to have elaborate away strips these days, far removed from their iconic home strips.

So I wondered why a sponsor couldn't make full use of this and put product advertising if front of fans nation and world wide.

What better way to get football fans buying your products than to have them watch their favourite savoury pastries running around the pitch for 90 minutes. This takes subliminal marketing to the next level."

Catherine Hopkins

"Back in the day, I used to go to the local basketball matches to watch my brother play for the younger team matches that are on before the Newcastle Eagles game.

So I decided to have a look at how their strips have changed since I last saw them like 15 years ago.
The branding now is basic, old fashioned and I swear it used to be a much more typical bold sports style.

I've taken that and updated it with a more a modern flair for the logo and added black simplistic wings to the strip to represent the eagle and the classic Newcastle black and white stripes."

James Lindsay

"Thought I'd go galactic this week. I set out by creating a glowing, extra-terrestrial orb. This formed the basis of the kit design, repeating across each piece."

Mike Barton

"I've never really been one for sports, so I thought I'd have a pop at a Fueled branded kit. I utilised the bold colour palette and logo which looked quite striking (pardon the pun). With us being a digital company I thought I'd add a pixellated texture, and separate the red from the black with a glitching/pixel effect.

Oh, and with my ties to my home town's football team PNE (who were labelled 'The Invincibles" way back when) I thought I'd give our team the name Fueled the Fearless."

Andrew Power

"I do not know one real sports team so I decided to go with the Springfield Isotopes, the baseball team from the Simpsons. I made the logo of an atom based on a screen cap from the show itself, and changed the nucleus into a baseball just to make it a little more intentional. The idea was to go for a vintage effect, maybe around the time people were terrified of nuclear war? Let’s play ball!"

Next Time

Although we may have missed out on last weeks challenge for a few reasons, we do take up a new challenge every other week. Stay frosty for the next!

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