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Design Challenge: Week 7

Here at Fueled, as you may know, our design team task themselves with a bi-monthly design challenge. The task at hand is fairly simple; we take a brief from a pool of suggestions and tackle it in just 2 hours. However, there are no winners in the design challenge. Taking a break from projects for a little while proves invaluable to us to share our ideas, explore our processes, and grow as designers. This week's challenge comes with a heavy heart as we bid farewell to our beloved Senior Product Designer, Prekesh Chavda.

The Brief

Create your very own piece that reminds you of Prekesh, to give him a touching send-off. Anything goes.

The Submissions

Ryan Murphy

"Gunna miss the most persistent slacker of the gang.

He's going to make Sketch better though, which will actually help me more at work than if he stayed here. Odd that."

(bonus good luck little green ghoul for good measure)

André Gonçalves

"Although he never admitted in front of the team, Me and Kesh (Prekesh) are best friends.

I wanted to take this opportunity to present to you all the some matching tattoos we plan to do together."

Andrew Power

"Prekesh and I both share a love of Dragonball Z, so I couldn't waste this opportunity to depict him as a character from the show."

Mike Barton

"As a fan of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I thought Prekesh would dig an abridged version of the D.E.N.N.I.S system. Simple and a bit mean. Gonna miss you man."

Glenn Hitchcock

"Prekesh has been throwing Pokéballs since 1998 and hasn't stopped since, becoming the Pokémon Go Master of Loughborough and beyond. He deserved something to show his evolution from University student to one of the finest designers around, and what better? Obviously, the glasses are a sign of maturity."

Sean Kerry

"I was inspired by one of my favourite artists, Ryan Putnam, to create this super-chill Prekesh avatar. He appears to be very contemplative, probably thinking about Pokémon or Dragon Ball Z ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gonna miss you buddy!"

Emily Cressey

"I made Prekesh as a Shiny Pokémon card because I couldn't think of anything more fitting . It also gave me a chance to make up some very Prekesh stats and attacks. And of course it had to pink.

PMA, PMA miss u already mento."

James Lindsay

"A farewell homage to Prekesh's awful Sketch file etiquette.

Finally, I no longer have to replace his dumb inner-shadows with 1px rectangles.

Godspeed, friend!"

Dan Makepeace

"I drew Prekesh a pretty picture of our time rooming together in Prague. We were both sick the entire trip and our room was basically a quarantine zone where neither of us could sleep more than 10 minutes at a time, and we would just cough at each other until morning. I’ll always remember the time I survived the Great Plague of Prague with Prekesh Chavda.

Thought I’d sign it too just incase Sketch don’t pay enough, then you can flog this for a bit extra cash."

Catherine Hopkins

"Newbie to the co, I'd only got to speak with Prekesh once. He'd shown the lil design group some figurines he has, one of them being batman.. with a bat! So here it is in pixels. If not for that, it would have had to be the shrug emoji saying 'who..?'"

Alex Lockey

"I can remember when Prekesh first joined us. He mentioned on a call that he had a mask similar to that of an artist he used to listen to - Madvillainy.

I had never heard of the rapper, but to this day. I can't see this mask without thinking it is Prekesh hiding behind it. Because of that, I felt a fitting tribute was to design and icon-esque mask in his honour!

We will miss you Prekesh!"

Next Time

A very emotional challenge this week. We wish you all the best with the next step of your journey Prekesh.

We're back on track for a design challenge every other week, so keep them peeled you lucky people.

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