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The 2018 flu season has been among the most widespread and long-lasting in the past decade. Sickweather is here to save the day.


According to the CDC, the 2018 flu season has hospitalized over 17,000 Americans. These stats are from February, and even into March, influenza continues to be a widespread concern for individuals and families.

Sickweather’s SickScore ® crowdsources user reports to assign a score and risk factor to your area and surfaces top trending symptoms. The map integration shows in real time who has reported their illness nearby and when you’re entering a “sick zone”. Icons populate the map, each one representing a user who’s reported themselves as sick. Tapping on the icon will show what symptoms were reported and which day within the last two weeks the user reported them.

You can search illnesses near you based on your reported or suspected condition, grouped illnesses, or individual symptoms and illnesses. You can also manually search locations to check on who is sick in areas where your friends or family live. The app also integrates with WellVia to connect users with doctors over the phone or via a video chat. Sickweather users get 10% off services rendered through WellVia.


If you are a parent, knowing when a plague is taking over your kid’s school is the reason to download this app. Sickweather is designed with families in mind- so we created a step by step guide for first-time users:

  1. Sign up with an email or through Facebook. You don’t need an account to view SickScore ® or the map, but for the more advanced features, it is required.
  2. Go to the Report tab. It’s best to start by submitting any illness reports you or your family members may have.
  3. After you submit, go to the Family tab to add current symptoms and medications. This is for your sake, and help keeps track of your family’s conditions.
  4. Join Sickweather groups to stay up to date on the status at your local school, office or public space.
  5. Finally, set up alerts based on your location, as well as the communities and groups you joined in the previous section.

Now you are in the best possible position to keep your family happy and healthy for the rest of the year.

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