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Frontend Dev Challenge: Week 7

Every two weeks the Frontend Team at Fueled partake in a development challenge: a loose brief is given to the team on a Friday (with the briefs being decided by any of the team with a suitable idea), between Monday and Wednesday we build our solutions, and then on our weekly team call we each present our submission providing rationale and opening up a discussion – typically people talk about the bits they enjoyed, found tricky, and areas they’d have further elaborated on if they’d had the time.

The Brief

Create a piece of UI for an eCommerce website. This can be literally anything you want as long as it relates to eCommerce.

The Submissions

Timo Jedai

“For this challenge I chose to build a product card with some functionalities. Hover the card and enjoy!”
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View Timo’s submission

Harriet McMahon

“I created a little slider to view what cards you have stored on a site. I wanted to be able to add cards and have the brand colours and logo automatically applied but ran out of time.”
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See the Pen
by Harriet McMahon (@harrietmcmahon)
on CodePen.

Joe Richardson

“I wanted to focus on working more with React with this brief and to get a better understanding of React Hooks - with a light introduction to `useState` I put together a simple image gallery.”
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See the Pen
Week 6
by Joe (@dope)
on CodePen.

Rob Sterlini

“I was recently shopping on a site that offered multi buy offers and I wanted to see how easily I could translate that into an experience with adding multiple items that were multi buy. The UI is a little rough, but I’m happy with how the button interaction came out for adding/removing. Might have been a little faster to build with a full Vue build with a store, but as it was just one component, passing in the necessary data was fine. Pretty happy with how it came out, but would love to have visualised the multibuy bit a bit more visually. Right now it’s not clear that there are multi buy options”
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See the Pen
by Rob Sterlini (@robsterlini)
on CodePen.

Next time…

This is a fortnightly endeavour, so stay tuned!

You can relive past challenges and get updates each time a new set of submissions is added by watching or starring the GitHub repo.

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