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Frontend Dev Challenge: Week 8

Every two weeks the Frontend Team at Fueled partake in a development challenge: a loose brief is given to the team on a Friday (with the briefs being decided by any of the team with a suitable idea), between Monday and Wednesday we build our solutions, and then on our weekly team call we each present our submission providing rationale and opening up a discussion – typically people talk about the bits they enjoyed, found tricky, and areas they’d have further elaborated on if they’d had the time.

The Brief

“Less is more” – Build a landing page with a minimalist focus.

The Submissions

Rob Sterlini

See Rob’s bio

See the Pen by Rob Sterlini (@robsterlini) on CodePen.

Harriet McMahon

See Harriet’s bio

See the Pen by Harriet McMahon (@harrietmcmahon) on CodePen.

Timo Jedai

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View Timo’s submission

Joe Richardson

See Joe’s bio

See the Pen by Joe (@dope) on CodePen.

Next time…

This is a fortnightly endeavour, so stay tuned!

You can relive past challenges and get updates each time a new set of submissions is added by watching or starring the GitHub repo.

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