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Best Weather App: CARROT Forecasts with a Lot of Attitude

CARROT Weather app will make your weather checking experience a fun, lighthearted activity with its accurate forecast and sassy personality.

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Imagine your go-to weather app greeting you in the morning with a “Hey, meatbag!” before giving you the daily forecast. It’s like having your own personal Gordon Ramsay, except today’s App of the Week prefers making snarky comments on your local weather rather than on that one mystery dish you tried to master.

As the young, hip developer of CARROT apps, Brian Mueller brings you CARROT Weather, an app that fuses the forecast magic of Dark Sky with an endearingly sassy AI companion. CARROT Weather is an app that, depending on your location, uses radar or satellites to send you accurate, down-to-the-minute weather updates. Each weather report includes dialogue by CARROT, who’s all too eager to hint at her plans for world domination or to demand your gratitude for her generosity.

CARROT Weather is a winner of Apple’s Editors’ Choice Award and was featured by several big names, such as the New York Times, Good Morning America, CNN, and others. CARROT’s spunk is the main powerhouse for her popularity, proving that she is much more than your average weather app.

Some additional features include the ability to see weather forecasts from the past (up to 70 years back), as well as a gaming element where you can discover secret locations on the world map or unlock different achievements. If you ever grow bored of using the CARROT Weather app, it’s fully equipped to keep you entertained in other ways.

CARROT sassy weather app

The app itself is priced at $4.99, but there are additional in-app purchases that will elevate your weather-checking experience to the troposphere. Of course, we encourage that you sign up for one of their subscriptions. As a premium member, you’ll be able to personalize the data that you want to see on your screen, or even how you want CARROT’s character to be programmed—Keep her sass-o-meter in check!

Life before CARROT Weather was full of unpredictability and dreariness where you might have worn your expensive suede boots on a rainy day. But life after CARROT is stress-free and filled with excitement—there are no dull days when this sarcastic, slightly obnoxious AI app makes checking the weather a fun, lighthearted activity.

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