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  Global Teacher is a charity that is changing the face of the education sector by providing digital education to marginalised students worldwide, living in…

Global Teacher is a charity that is changing the face of the education sector by providing digital education to marginalised students worldwide, living in areas without electricity or internet connectivity. The charity is dedicated to reducing the quality gap in education between developed and developing nations. Their goal is to empower one million visionaries using their innovative education platform, along with their solar-powered product, Pod and offline learning software, Lumi.

Global Teacher believe that education is a powerful tool that can solve multiple problems for the underprivileged population, and help achieve multiple United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Education is an essential tool that can help solve many problems, and Global Teacher is committed to making digital education more accessible across the globe, even to communities who are off grid. Despite its critical importance, there have been very few innovations in education that have revolutionized the sector, and the innovations that do exist, such as Flip Classrooms, Virtual Reality, Biometrics, and Cloud Computing technologies, are unable to deal with remote locations that lack electricity and internet.

According to the United Nations, 15% of the world's adults (i.e. 773 million) are illiterate, most of whom are women. Education is considered a basic human right, yet millions lack access to it. Proper education can help reduce poverty, social inequalities, empower marginalised groups, reduce violence, and help individuals live life to their full potential. Technologies make education more accessible and convenient, but an estimated 37% of the world’s population (2.9 billion people) have still never used the Internet. As a matter of fact 50% of schools worldwide do not have proper internet connectivity. Global Teacher believes that the provision of quality education in these areas can open a world of opportunities to create a progressive and healthy society.

Global Teacher decided to take matters into their own hands after learning about these shocking statistics. They believe that everyone in the world should have the opportunity to learn and have access to quality education that is at par with developed nations. In doing so, and after intensive research and product development, they came up with their innovative products, Pod and Lumi, to help solve the problem. Pod is a solar-powered projector that can display educational content anywhere. The projector has been designed and manufactured in-house in Sunderland, UK. Lumi is custom learning software that encompasses educational content from the world's best content creators and educators. It can be accessed offline without the need for an internet connection. The software platform is able to provide access to the world's best content providers anywhere, anytime

Global Teacher believes that exposure and access to good quality education can spark and catalyze positive change and ignite the problem solvers, dreamers, and doers of this world. The charity’s vision is to empower one million marginalised students using their solar-powered projectors and resources by 2030. Global Teacher believe that every child should have the opportunity to explore new subjects, find their passion, and feel inspired by education. They are committed towards creating a positive impact by making education accessible and sustainable to all.

If you're passionate about education and want to support Global Teacher, you can make a donation to their crowdfunding page at Your donation will help to support the Foundation's mission to improve education around the world and recognize the vital work of teachers who are making a real difference in their communities.

As Anne Frank once said ”No one has ever become poor from giving”. And your giving can lead to a radical change in the most remote parts of the world, by empowering the changemakers of tomorrow with Pod & Lumi. So let's come together and support the amazing work of teachers around the world. Head over to the Global Teacher’s crowdfunding page and make a donation today!

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