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Kitchen Stories: The Best Recipe App For All Experience Levels Of Cooking

Kitchen Stories is a recipe app that offers users thousands of recipes with step-by-step instructional videos.

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Are you someone who rotates the same four recipes because those are the easy ones you nail every time? Do you ever come across a recipe and immediately freak out because it looks a tad complicated? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. How great would it be if all recipes had a how-to video to go with it? Our App of the Week, Kitchen Stories, is the best recipe app for cooks of all experience levels.

Founders Mengting Gao and Verena Hubertz met as business students who shared a passion for food. Where they differed was their experience levels; Gao was a seasoned hobby chef while Hubertz was a cooking novice who just ordered his appliances from online stores like Their experience levels allowed them to approach cooking from different angles, sparking the idea to create a platform for recipe seekers. Moving to Berlin with the idea for a video-based and user-friendly cooking app, Gao and Hubertz launched Kitchen Stories in the Apple App Store at the beginning of 2014.

Kitchen Stories is a recipe app that offers users thousands of step-by-step recipes. With Kitchen Stories, you can find the perfect recipe you’re looking for with the search feature, which allows you to filter based on specific nutritional information, dietary restrictions, and even difficulty level to cater to all lifestyles. From weeknight favorites to seasonal twists on classics and so much more, there’s a recipe that’s sure to please all users. Found a recipe and need to make a grocery list? You can place the recipe into a shopping list that integrates directly with your reminders. 

With the instructional HD recipe videos and tips, you can cook like a pro with Kitchen Stories. The cooking mode feature guides you through each step of the recipe with easy-to-understand photos and instructions. Have a recipe you made and want to share? Kitchen Stories allows users to easily take photos or videos of each recipe step through a streamlined uploading process, so you can share with the Kitchen Stories community. Making a recipe but need to modify the amount of desired servings? The measurement converter makes it easy to adjust measurements so you don’t have to do all the math.

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With 4.8/5 stars in the App Store, Kitchen Stories has been a hit since it launched. The app quickly topped the food category in the Apple App Store in over 150 countries. Kitchen Stories also has a shelf full of awards: Apple Design Award 2017; Google Play Store Best of 2015, 2016; Apple App Store Best of 2014, 2015; and Google Material Design Awards 2016. The Guardian and Digital Trends have featured Kitchen Stories as one of the top cooking apps for iOS and Android. 

Spice up your weekly menu and download Kitchen Stories.

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