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Block Pesky Spam Callers With RoboKiller

There is always a never-ending barrage of spam callers. This spam call blocking app promises to guard your phone like no other.

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We all share a universal struggle when it comes to dealing with the never-ending barrage of spam callers. And no matter how strong our intuition might be, it can’t always shield us from those unwanted offers and false security threats— but there might be an app that can.

TelTech is a group of genius problem solvers who like to think outside of the box. They’ve come out with products like TapeACall, TrapCall, and NoMoreVoicemail, giving you some practical choices that can maximize phone protection. And with today’s App of the Week, they take it a step further.

RoboKiller is a spam call blocking app that promises to guard your mobile device like no other.  Answer Bot acts cleverly by engaging with the spam caller like a real person. While they carry on a nonsensical, often hilarious conversation, the bot secretly records their voice and takes inventory of them. If they sneakily try to contact you again through a different number, Answer Bot then recognizes their audio fingerprint and automatically restricts future attempts.

The app includes features like Super Caller ID and personal Block & Allow lists. Super Caller ID gives you insight (names, addresses, even photos from social media!) on every unknown number, while Block & Allow lets you customize your own list of blocked or unblocked callers. You can try all these perks with a generous 7-day trial, then sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription afterward— but by then, you’ll know that it’s worth every penny.  

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RoboKiller is the winner of the FTC RoboCalls contest and an impressive $25,000 cash prize. It’s also praised by ABC World News, Wired, and NBC for its ability to block over 100,000 spam callers. Available on all the main US phone carriers, this spam call blocking app goes far and wide to shelter unsuspecting victims.

If you’re unsure whether your device needs RoboKiller’s protection (or avenging if you really want justice against those pesky spam callers), go straight to the App Store and download it now— you can thank us later.

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