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Stardust is a beautifully designed period tracker

I have to tip my hat to the creators of Stardust, a period tracker that boasts quite a list of features, but is also one…

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I have to tip my hat to the creators of Stardust, a period tracker that boasts quite a list of features, but is also one of the best-deigned apps I’ve found. The app looks modern and clean, but still pulls from tried-and-true styles such as glowing outlines.

What makes Stardust a bit more unique from other period trackers, is that it combines a functional tracker with astronomy and artificial intelligence. The app displays a gorgeous ring of lunar phases when you launch it, letting you know what phase the moon is that day as well as when your next period is expected to be. Marrying to thetwo topics into one.

The app also has daily horoscopes for your body and the moon, which are very well written with a wry aloofness — such as letting you know it is absolutely fine to “crush a croissant or twelve” during that time of the month. At the same time, it gives your astrological horoscope for your sign.

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A calendar view lets you see any previous periods you’ve tracked and the AI predicts when your next upcoming cycles may be. All of this is done with wonderful colors atop a dark purple background. Rather than manually checking the calendar all the time, Stardust is also able to preemptively send you notifications. You can get alerts on the moon phase or when you cycle is likely to start.

Everything comes full circle with the synchronicity view in Stardust. This page helps you understand how your cycle aligns with the moon cycle and what meaning lies within. For spiritual individuals who want to be more in touch with their own inner energy as well as the cosmic energy, Stardust brings it all to one place.

Visually, one of the best aspects of Stardust is the exquisite custom icons throughout the app. This includes navigation at the bottom, for the lunar phases, but most prominently for the various symptoms you may log. They are unique and employ a modern, flat, and quirky design that are well representative of their symptoms.

Stardust is a compelling app. It offers a wonderful interface with a wealth of personality and uniqueness that is often missing from health tracking applications. It is a multi-faceted app that combines astronomy and artificial intelligence to provide a full picture of your cycle and how you fit into the larger universe.

But enough about other people's apps.


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