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There’s a profound allure to the shiny, novel and tech-forward solutions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have undoubtedly transformed the way we approach marketing, copywriting, and written content creation. As marketing and copywriting professionals, we are always looking for ways to maximize efficiency and create content that resonates with our target audience. 

Indeed, many of us have reveled in the seemingly magical powers of AI tools in their ability to fuel our marketing, copywriting, and content creation efforts. But what are some alternatives to the mainstream names like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing?

Jasper.ai | AI Marketing and Copywriting

Jasper is an AI marketing tool that focuses on long form copywriting contentStepping into the spotlight and challenging industry leaders like ChatGPT is Jasper AI.

Though powered by GPT 3.5, Jasper AI has a specialized training in marketing content rather than general conversational tasks, equipping it with an upper hand in producing marketing-centric content compared to mainstream AI chatbots. The platform offers dedicated templates and workflows designed for specific applications such as ads, social media, SEO, and videos. It also requires minimal coding knowledge, which makes it extremely user-friendly. 

Jasper also has the capacity for generating images. With a handy Chrome extension, users can use Jasper AI across the web. The package also includes a chatbot, Jasper Chat, and integrations with widely-used content editing tools. This suite of products crafts a complete AI-powered content creation ecosystem, complete with built-in workflows, pre-trained templates, and collaboration features. Additional offerings include a custom brand voice, an instant marketing campaign generator, an image generator, and a long-form editor, all of which are fine-tuned for marketing copy use cases and SEO support. 

While there is no free plan, Jasper’s pricing starts at a competitive $39 per month.

Copy AI | Short-form AI Marketing ToolCopy AI is an AI Marketing Tool that specializes in shorter form copywriting content

Copy AI is similar to Jasper in that it also has a copywriting edge. However, its platform is better suited for shorter content than for longer ones that Jasper has more capabilities for. Copy.AI also stands out with its unique integration of real-time data, as well as its built-in document editor. This feature, with its capacity to cut, copy, and paste, offers a seamless transformation of copies into long-form content that can be fine-tuned before being published.

Copy.AI’s clever incorporation of in-built prompts eliminates the need for users to provide well-constructed input. Similar to Jasper, Copy.AI also offers a platform for team collaboration. Though Copy.AI has a free plan option, it only allows prospective users to sample the tool with free access to up to 2000 words per month; its premium version is priced at $49 per month.

Perplexity | Content Ideation and Creation

Perplexity is an AI Marketing Tool that focuses on ideation

Perplexity AI is more than just a chatbot. It serves as a powerful ideation tool, generating extensive, nuanced prompts that catalyze intellectual exploration and stimulate creativity. The bot features a dynamic “Popular Now” section beneath the chatbox, acting as a real-time pulse of trending topics and breaking news. Simply engage with these prompts to delve into a plethora of subjects.

This AI companion enriches the discourse by offering related topic questions, facilitating a continuous, robust dialogue. Even if you’re uncertain about the specific query you wish to pursue, Perplexity assists by proposing autofill suggestions as you initiate your input in the prompt box, streamlining the ideation process.

With a dedicated mobile app available for both iOS and Android, you’re empowered to engage with this groundbreaking chatbot irrespective of your location. Aside from a free plan, they have pro subscription options of $20/month or $200/year.

Chatsonic | Personalize your SEO Optimization

Chatsonic is the AI marketing tool of WritesonicChatSonic is Writesonic’s AI marketing tool for creators that was built from meticulously curated datasets, encompassing realms like customer service dialogues and client feedback. These databases, updated regularly, enable ChatSonic to provide marketing professionals with a potent tool that churns out enticing content, capable of striking a chord with their target demographic.

ChatSonic also offers voice command functionality, reminiscent of popular assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. With the addition of “Personality Avatars,” ChatSonic adds a personal touch, becoming your personal assistant, capable of tackling tasks from solving mathematical problems to preparing you for an upcoming interview.

ChatSonic’s analytics and reporting features, which provide marketers with insights into customer preferences, pain points, and emerging trends. This data assists in refining marketing strategies, optimizing customer journeys, and enhancing overall satisfaction.

The free plan can be upgraded for as little as $12.67/month for 1 user, and has a sliding scale pricing structure depending on the number of members you have on your team.

Writer Zen | Fuel your SEO Content

writer zen is an AI marketing tool that focuses on content creation and conversionWhat sets WriterZen apart from other ChatGPT (or Bard or Bing, for that matter) alternatives is its well-curated blend of functionalities. At your disposal is a Keyword Explorer for unearthing SEO-optimized keywords, a Topic Discovery tool to guide you towards the most rewarding subjects in your field, and a Plagiarism Checker ensuring your content's originality. On top of all this, the platform offers a Content Creator that adeptly crafts SEO articles around your chosen keywords.

The Content Creator, imbued with AI capabilities, can perform a range of tasks, including generating article outlines, creating complete paragraphs from a simple prompt, and rewriting chunks of text. But it's crucial to understand WriterZen’s unique appeal: it’s not meant to create content from scratch, like Jasper or Copy AI, and especially . Instead, it shines as an SEO assistant, helping you to optimize your content for search engines.

Its strength lies in refining and augmenting your existing content, ensuring it's poised for maximum search engine visibility. Consider WriterZen as your collaborative partner, bringing that extra SEO finesse to your content creation process. 

The platform offers several tiers of membership, with the cheapest one being $19/month for the “lite” individual plan, and $359/month for the highest level team plans.

RunwayML | AI meets Video-editing

Talking about marketing content creation would be incomplete without video assets. Introducing RunwayML, a video editor that marries the wonders of machine learning with creative expression. This cutting-edge software reshapes your editing experience, providing a vast toolkit, including color correction, masking, generation, compositing, and VFX, all accessible right from your browser.

RunwayML stands out for its powerful rotoscoping abilities, enabling users to convert any film into a greenscreen-ready canvas. Coupled with its Inpainting tool, which neatly eliminates unwanted objects or components from your video, it ensures a swift and seamless editing process. Leveraging advanced AI-generated analysis and metadata, RunwayML steps up the appeal of your videos. The platform conjures highly accurate depth maps that infuse a real, palpable feel into your creations.

The beauty of RunwayML lies in its cloud-based nature. There’s no need for bulky downloads or time-consuming updates; all you need is an internet connection, and you’re good to go! RunwayML strives to offer a user experience at par with renowned editors like After Effects and DaVinci Resolve. Furthermore, it supports high-quality 4K video editing and exporting, and handles various file formats such as PNG and ProRes, thanks to its cloud rendering feature.

The platform is also one of the few that have a compatible iOS app so you can work on your project while you’re away from your desktop. It has a free individual plan and tiered pricing for small teams (around $12 per user per month) all the way to enterprise level options (which can be customized as needed).

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