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The Best Travel-Blogging App: Polarsteps

Polarsteps is a travel-blogging app that automatically tracks your travel route so you can remember why and where you took all your vacation pictures.

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Are you ready to make all your travel-blog dreams come true? We are all hopeful to follow these dreams; we take loads of pictures when we are exploring the world. But, we often fall victim to either never looking back at the photos or forgetting to log important details of those pictures (where was that amazing hiking trail again!?). Our App of the Week, Polarsteps, is a travel-blog app that automatically tracks your travel route so you can remember why and where you took all of those photos on your phone.

Co-founder Niek Bokkers loved traveling since the first time he traveled with his brother and dad at the age of six. Bokkers first had the idea for Polarsteps when he was on a Transatlantic sailing trip with his dad, where he created the first unofficial prototype. Using a satellite phone that recorded his GPS coordinates, Bokkers connected his own cell phone to a server that allowed it to receive the GPS coordinates. Every day at 6, he would send an update to his family showing the progress he and his dad made. Bokkers created the next prototype for the app when he returned home and brought this prototype on his bike trip from Amsterdam to Capetown. With rapid traction from travelers, Polarsteps launched in 2015.

Polarsteps makes your dreams of becoming a travel blogger a reality. Polarsteps automatically tracks your routes and places you visit, so you can enjoy your vacation without doing any extra work. Once your trip is done, Polarsteps plots the route you took on a colorful map that you can share with friends and family. 

Polarsteps also provides a detailed overview of the trip duration, amount of countries visited, and other fun stats to tag along with your map. Integrating with your camera, Polarsteps creates a photo album to make sharing your adventures so much easier and memorable. Lacking inspiration for where to travel next? Polarsteps allows you to check out other users’ albums to spark an idea for your next adventure.

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TechCrunch featured Polarsteps as the app that “automates your travel blogging” needs and by TravelPulse as the app that “lifts the burden for travel bloggers.” With a 4.8/5 star rating, it’s no doubt that TNW listed Polarsteps as one of the 5 apps to help you have an awesome vacation.

Be the adventurous travel blogger you’re destined to be and download Polarsteps.

But enough about other people's apps.


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