Christine Chung

Lead Talent Manager

Christine Chung

About Christine Chung

Christine is the Senior Talent Manager for Fueled's New York City office. If you ever need to find Christine, look for the chatty chica at the party giving everyone her business cards. From high fashion to technology clients, Christine has dynamic experience connecting talented professionals with some of the best and hottest companies across various industries in NYC. Christine started her recruiting career as a technical recruiter at Vettery, a hiring marketplace built to connect employers with the top tech and business talent. Since then she's spent time at Vice as a technical recruiter. No matter who you are or where you hail from, Christine wants to chat. You should probably talk to her, we hear she's got some good stories to share.

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13 Crosby Street, Floor 3, New York, New York, United States - 10013

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  • Power of Persuasion 10God Mode
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