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The mobile app development industry is always changing. At Fueled, this truth drives our approach. We work hard to stay on top of the latest innovations and trends to make sure our clients optimize their mobile presence. With a New York headquarters and two more offices in Chicago and London, we have access to an international network of ideas, inventions, and insights. We also have a highly driven team of iMessage sticker designers. 

Through the Fueled Collective initiative, we house 30+ startups in our office, putting us in direct contact with entrepreneurs every single day, and helping us better understand the kinds of solutions they need.

In other words, we’re in the perfect position to identify new avenues for your growth. That’s why we’re home to expert custom iMessage sticker designers. As soon as this new feature was brought to the iMessage app, we recognized the way in which it could help businesses expand their audience. Since then, we’ve put together a skilled team of experts who will work with you to create stickers that reflect the identity and goals of your company.

Background: iMessage Sticker Designers

Originally announced in 2011, iMessage has basically been universally embraced by users of Apple products. Replacing simple text messaging, which offered fairly limited features, iMessage gave users the opportunity to share images, videos, emails, documents, and much more, all with greater efficiency than ever before.

This approach falls in line with a major overall trend in mobile technology. Smartphones and tablets simply make life more convenient. As such, it’s a common goal among companies to build upon that convenience, combining as many useful features as possible into a single app.

In this instance, the strategy appears to have paid off. According to Apple, as of February 2016, approximately 200,000 messages are sent via the iMessage app each second.

In other words, it plays a major role in the day-to-day lives of Apple fans. This is true across the board, but it’s especially the case for millennials. Research from OpenMarket  confirms what many have already assumed, indicating that 75% of people in this demographic (ages 18-34) would prefer to communicate via instant message or text, rather than talk on the phone. If they’re using iMessage to do so, they’re spending a lot of time using the app over the course of an average day.

Knowing this, it simply makes sense that startups, established businesses, and numerous other organizations would strive to find ways in which they can use this trend to their advantage.

Branding Opportunities

When iOS 10 was released in September, 2016, it brought stickers to the iMessage app, and users immediately embraced the feature. Like emojis, they offer a way to add humor and personality to a conversation. Unlike emojis, they can be more visually detailed and interesting.

That means they also represent a major branding opportunity. When it comes to branding, your most basic goal should be to make sure the imagery associated with your company is in front of potential customers as often as possible, and that the material resonates with them. You want them to not only recognize you, but also relate to you. If the imagery is interactive, all the better.

Stickers allow you to make your brand a visual presence in the mobile interactions your customers participate in on a daily basis. To enter this world, you need to work with custom iMessage sticker designers who can help you take advantage of this huge opportunity.

Why Fueled?

Fueled began in NYC in 2009. Since then, we’ve enjoyed tremendous growth, working with everyone from household names like Porsche to smaller companies, such as Jackthreads. As a mobile app design, web design, and web development company, we deliver quality products thanks to our team of skilled and energetic designers.

However, a quality product isn’t worth much if consumers don’t know it exists. That’s why our strategists also work hard to identify ways in which we can leverage current trends and innovations--like iMessage stickers--in your favor. This industry is rapidly changing, and we believe that your success relies in your ability to keep up with the shifting dynamics. Instead of forcing you to monitor these developments, though, we do so ourselves, presenting you with ideas aimed at growing your business and attracting as much attention as possible.

No matter what project we’re working on, we blend efficiency and precision to deliver the work on-time without sacrificing quality. That’s because we take our time when selecting projects. We don’t believe in taking on every single project that comes our way, rushing through them so we can bill the client and move on to the next job. Every member of the team cares about approaching each task like it’s a new problem.

The result: products that are tailored to your specific goals and customers. Instead of forcing your company into a template, we work with you to create a custom mobile identity. If there are opportunities to make you more noticeable to potential customers, we find them, making sure we’ve taken every step possible to direct attention towards your brand.

The iMessage stickers feature is a gift to anyone whose business has a mobile presence. You can be part of the digital conversations people are having every single day. Our team of iMessage sticker designers at Fueled will help you do that.

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