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Started in 2009, Fueled has been a leader in the world of mobile application design and development. When Apple Pay debuted in 2014, mobile commerce was already solidly on our radar. Our experience shows that simply by integrating an encrypted payment system, companies stand to harness user demand for seamless payment experiences.

Apple Pay Is Experiencing Massive Growth

Today, Apple Pay has been adopted by major banks and enterprises like Seamless, PostMates, Starbucks, Kickstarter, and Ticketmaster. ATMs increasingly have functionality for Apple Pay-initiated withdrawals. Apple Pay transactions ballooned 500% from 2015 to 2016, and by 2017, approximately 1600 U.S. banks allowed customers to use the technology. Increasingly, customers are keeping their credit cards in their holster, and using their phones to initiate payment, and the industry will never look back.

Fueled has specialized in e-commerce apps since the early days of the platform. Our sleek, functional, and fun apps are available for almost all systems such as iPhone and Android, as well as other platforms. We like being ahead of the curve, and so do our clients.

As you can see from our showreel, we are interested in creating dynamic apps that change the online experience.

Exploring New Capabilities

Fueled iPhone app, featuring apple pay

We have worked with some of the biggest corporations and organizations in the world such as Coca-Cola, Procter and Gamble, and Porsche, as well as with startups such as WeRide. Our portfolio is diverse and there is no limit to what we can achieve.

That’s why we’ve have built out specialist capabilities implementing Apple Pay in iOS apps.

Apple Pay Is One of the Most Secure Options

apple pay app showing Chase credit card on an iphone

Apple Pay is now available for use on the iPhone 6, 6s, and 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPad Air2, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch. After linking their debit or credit cards, users can use the service to pay for goods directly from their phones. Transactions are authenticated with Touch ID (in models prior to the iPhone 8), making them very secure. Even as questions are raised around the security of two-factor authentication through SMS, Apple Pay remains an excellent encrypted payment option.

Early adopters of the tech have been joined by enterprising fine dining restaurants who want to create a more seamless, enjoyable experience for their patrons. Both businesses signed up for the service, and users who avail themselves of wireless transactions, continue to grow in numbers.

In-App Payments Are Highly Lucrative

We keep a close watch on mobile trends, and the push to create apps that earn their founders money through paid-for downloads has fizzled out in recent years. Instead, the rise of in-app purchases is propelling the app economy toward an estimated $6.3 trillion value by 2021. Once users have downloaded your app, and incorporated it into their routines, you can offer greater functionality with in-app purchases. This covers actual e-commerce transactions, along with premium features unlocked through payment. Gaming apps have long exploited this lucrative vein, but inspired design creates opportunities for enhanced features like photo editing preset packs that users will gladly purchase.

Apple is already the platform that offers the greatest earning potential, with around 25% of developers earning $5,000 per month or more on their iOS products. Adding in e-commerce functionality — whether Apple Pay or another platform — can turbocharge your balance sheets. We believe a healthy flow of revenue sets you up to invest in the next feature, or the next idea. Why not take advantage?

Fueled Knows Apple Pay

Fueled would love to be your partner in implementing this technology. With our experience, we know that we can help you adopt this exciting feature into your business.

We encourage our clients to inquire about our process so we can walk them through what we do, and are even happier with the end result. Our strategists are ready to discuss your unique needs.

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