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Fueled is an award-winning digital transformation company helping businesses develop and improve an enterprises' digital products and services to make sure they outperform in their field. In a world of emerging technologies, businesses are looking to stay up-to-date and relevant to their customers. 44% of companies have already moved to a digital-first approach for their customers. Through digital transformation, companies are finding solutions that are exponentially increasing their revenue. From growth marketing to app and web development, our array of digital transformation services in NYC can help your product or service come out on top.


What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation services don’t just focus on revamping your product or services, it’s all about improving them. It’s time to put more focus on the insights and performance of your product so you can better cater to your users’ needs. Digital transformation services are about improving the value your customers receive from your product.

Digital transformation involves updating your product or your approach through the use of emerging technology. Maybe you’re a company that provides web-based services, but you’re looking to explore the mobile app experience for your users; digital transformation is the route to take. Maybe your company is working on a software or system that is outdated; updating your system means an updated experience for your customers.

Maybe you have a mobile app, but you want to better personalize the experience for users; digital transformation comes to play when machine learning is applied to your app to provide personalized recommendations based on users’ previous in-app decisions. It doesn’t end there, we offer various digital transformation services that could benefit your business. Our job is to find the right combination that will most benefit you.


What Can We Do For You?

Our digital transformation services aren’t about a complete overhaul. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, it is our job to tailor these services to meet you and your product’s needs.

You’ve launched a brand new product, but don’t quite have a user base yet. That’s where we come in. Our Marketing team works alongside our Product team for feature development, integration of marketing tools, and building a strong base of loyal users.

  • SEO & ASO
  • Paid Media Planning & Implementation
  • Campaign ROI Monitoring & Reporting

Let’s be real, the ultimate goal of building your product is ROI. This is where Growth Marketing comes in. We partner with a range of vendors which allows us to optimize your customers' experiences, keep them coming back for more, and ensuring they stick around in the long run.

  • Marketing Automation & Lifecycle Campaigns
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Central Data Management
  • Attribution Tracking & Optimizations
  • A/B Testing & Workflow Optimizations

A killer design is the key to a killer product. You want a design that will inspire users to engage. Our digitally native designers do just that. They produce designs that are not only stunning but drive results that will be sure to increase your userbase.

  • Logo & Branding
  • User Experience
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Mobile & Web Design

You have an app idea, concept, and design, now what? Let’s get it live in the App Store. Our products have processed over $10 billion in transactions. We have worked with unicorn startups like Warby Parker and Compass as well as Fortune 500 companies like Verizon and Google.

  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • React Native Development

Sure we live in a world that is dictated by mobile, but 56% of transactions are still carried out on desktop. Our web team builds sites that showcase your brand seamlessly across all platforms. It’s imperative that your services be accessible wherever your customers are, whether it’s on desktop, mobile, or in-app.

  • React, Vue.js
  • Python/Django
  • Node
  • E-commerce Web Development

Our custom development capabilities allow us to produce unique solutions that solve real problems.

  • CRM
  • POS
  • CMS
  • ERP
  • CDP

We enjoy experimenting with what’s new. By staying on top of what’s next, our capabilities are future-focused and transformative. This gives us a head start, so we can help you stay ahead of your competitors.

  • AR/VR
  • Connected Hardware
  • Blockchain/dApps
  • Chatbots
  • Alexa/Google Home

How Does Digital Transformation Help Your Business?

Let’s focus on your users for a second. When you digitally transform your product, you are putting the focus on your users by making your product more digitally accessible and user-friendly. Whether it’s updating your product with the latest AI technologies or updating your growth strategy, digital transformation ensures your customers won’t only use your product but will remain loyal. The beauty of these services is they offer in-depth insights into your user’s behaviors giving you the exact information you need to improve the user experience.

“If Fueled somehow didn't accept this project, there’s no one else I'd even be comfortable going with.”

Benjamin Berenson — Mobile Product Manager of MGM

“The product Fueled delivered allowed us to generate revenue before launching, which was extremely impressive.”

Omri Sass — Product Manager of NY Times Company, Wirecutter

“Fueled collaborated with the client’s in-house IT team to create a straightforward user experience on a very strict timeline. They communicated well and offered experienced advice throughout the development process.”

Matthew Reeves — Associate Director of Verizon

“I can’t say enough about how much they accomplished in the short timeframe.”

Joe C. — DCI Capital Investors

“The team was fantastic to work with, from the account management side to the product folks and the designers. Everyone was extremely receptive and thorough in listening to our objectives and ensuring we had a stellar MVP wireframe that reflected our goals. They even gave us an extra week to finesse the design some more so we were totally happy with it. We are thrilled with our product design and very appreciative of the enthusiasm, support, and hard work demonstrated by the entire team.”

Nirali Jain — Co-Founder and COO of Artwired

“Fueled surpassed expectations with the stunning and immaculately-designed website and their work generated an impressive number of new members. Their team has a combination of warmth and intelligence that other tech agencies don't have.”

Annie — Founder of Apartner

“Fueled received a perfect score across the board from the client, noting that their UI/UX [user interface/user experience] design was exceptional and set them apart from other similar providers.”

Soumyadip Rakshit — CEO of MysteryVibe

“Fueled met deadlines and stayed on budget. Their team was great to work with, and they were knowledgeable and professional. They deliver high-quality work and are friendly and welcoming. Their expertise is apparent, and they don't need to improve in any area.”

Santana Iglesias & Nicole Knudson — Co-founders of Numovi, LLC

How We've Transformed Other Companies


With over ten-thousand downloads in the first 3 months, we helped Crunchbase go mobile and put their services directly in the hands of users. Their app now has a userbase of over 31 million.

Warby Parker

In an era of mobile, we led the charge in transforming Warby Parker’s web-based shopping experience into a mobile experience as well. The app was featured in the App Store upon launch and won App of the Year.

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The numbers say it all: New York City becoming a powerhouse for all things tech, mobile and web app development included.

Fueled works to create exciting new products that will contribute to the bright future of app development. And even if you’re not based in this bustling tech hub, our teams across the world are ready to tackle your project and make the best app imaginable.

If you have any questions about Fueled or just fancy a chat, pick up the phone: we’re here to work for you.


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