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Fueled is mobile app design, web design, and web development company with offices in New York City, Noida, and London. Our headquarters is in SoHo, so it's no surprise that we take pride in understanding the subtleties of design and fashion app design. The Fueled Collective has been profiled numerous times on account of its on-point aesthetic and vintage decor. We are believers in the power of design to move, to inspire, and to set you apart.

rameet chawla stylecaster

Founder Rameet Chawla, pictured above, has invested a reverence for rule-breaking, bold design, and nimble strategy in the team at Fueled. He knows better than most the interplay of user desires and user needs when it comes to fashion apps. For Chawla, it's all about the experience.

What Is Fashion Tech?

The tech ecosystem often overlaps with the fashion world — especially in SoHo, where early adopters abound and the street style is fierce. To our minds, each industry shares an obsession with reinvention, and with beauty.

Fashion has intersected with technology in a number of startups and enterprise offerings. Warby Parker is perhaps one of the biggest success stories. Starting out as a minimally funded project at Wharton, Warby Parker was founded as an online-only offering for stylish frames, and today has an array of flagship showrooms. Fueled built the Warby Parker app, which won a best of 2016 award for its design.

the warby parker fashion app by fueled

Hundreds of fashion startups have followed, including the booming beauty brand Glossier, Untuckt, StitchFix, and Rent the Runway. Fashion is so all-encompassing, there are endless use-cases to build out.

An Experience Worthy of Customers

Established designers and retailers have also looked to Fueled to create a beautiful shopping experience. We worked with Barneys of New York to create an online experience worthy of their users. Research had shown that their shoppers were using tablets to access the site in significant numbers.

Yellow dress on the Barneys of New York fashion app by Fueled

Our developers and UI/UX designers worked tirelessly with Barneys brand guardians and executives to build an industry-leading mobile commerce experience. It was important that the UX reflect the distinguished, exciting, exploratory mood of an in-person visit to the flagship store.



                Matthew Woolsey, Barneys EVP, Digital

We've also worked with Gilt, JackThreads, Bulova, Glamour, and Vanity Fair.

The fashion app ecosystem and broader fashion tech field is still a very young sector in the ever-evolving world of unconventional startups. The best way for users to discover great products or explore art and fashion through an interface is a question that continues to propel us. We believe the talent at Fueled will set the precedent and raise the bar for developing fashion apps and clothing apps.

Mobile Ecommerce Means Fashion Is Big Business

The app economy continues its massive growth, and is now predicted to reach $6.3 trillion in 2021. This is due to the explosion of in-app purchases, and the incredible growth in users. As retailers adjust their supply chains, online purchases are revolutionizing the entire industry. Creating a fashion app offering for many isn't just a passion project but a business imperative if they are to survive.

We bring sophisticated design sensibilities to these projects, but it's equally as important to consider the value of digital transformations for business. Nothing scales like online sales can.

Fashion Tech Can Help You Scale

Everlane, Mint, Warby Parker, Frank and Oak, and Elizabeth and Clarke are all successful fashion tech startups that used mobile to scale their businesses.

Lawrence Lenihan, founder and Managing Director of First Mark Capital, says:

Going forward, every brand must figure out how to connect directly with its customers and they must structure their business around the relationships they want to have with their customer rather than let their distribution channels define them. The economics are too great not to do so.

Conventional retail experiences are fading out. In 2017, shoppers are opting for online shopping experiences offer a range of sizing and style options delivered directly. More and more fashion retail brands are opting to create online experiences equal to the vision their designers have.

Barneys of new york fashion app showing three overcoats

What Can Fueled Do for You?

Every industry is trending toward a delightful, seamless mobile experience, and we have a feeling Fueled's powerful boutique services are going to be called on. Fueled's fashion app designers have proved their mettle in being able to create a seamless and intuitive browsing and fashion shopping experience. Name a category of applications and Fueled has developed for it.

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