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Fueled has fast built a reputation for adapting to new and emerging technologies. We are a mobile app design, web design, and web development company based in New York City, with two more offices in Chicago and London. We also house 30+ startups in our office with our Fueled Collective initiative. Fueled Collective provides office space and coworking space for emerging startups and young entrepreneurs.

Very recently, Apple TV app development was added to our arsenal. Now we can check off fashion app designer to our repertoire. App designers are dime a dozen, what sets us apart is that we excel in building high quality apps with a high level of attention to design and user experience. Our previous work is evidence enough of our track record--iPhone app development is something we more than excel at. Fueled's office decor and ambience speaks volumes about our eye for aesthetic design and fashion. After all, our Founder and CEO Rameet Chawla has been often voted as one of the most fashionable tech CEO.

Our developers work hard to understand new and emerging technologies to better understand what the tech consumers and users want. Fashion app ecosystem and fashion tech is still a very young sector in the ever evolving world of unconventional startups. We believe the talent at Fueled will set the precedent and raise the bar for developing fashion apps and clothing apps.


Don't believe that we have expertise with the fashion tech industry? Well here are a few names we work or have worked with: Warby Parker, Gilt, Barneys New York, JackThreads, Bulova, Glamour, and Vanity Fair.


Barneys is a world renowned fashion retailer, and when they realized a significant chunk of online traffic was on tablet devices they decided to come to the very best--Fueled! Our developers and UI/UX designers worked tirelessly with Barneys brand guardians and executives to build an industry leading mobile commerce experience.



                Matthew Woolsey, Barneys EVP, Digital

What is fashion tech?

In case you were wondering what fashion tech was, understand that it accounted for 595 billion search results with more than 500 startups exploding on to the scene between 2014 and 2015. With the accessibility of tech and mobile apps on most smartphones, users are fast becoming inclined to using their phones for shopping and ordering clothing and accessories from their smartphone.

Fashion tech startups exist online, but many of them combine offline elements as well.

Everlane, Mint, Warby Parker, Frank and Oak, Elizabeth and Clarke, are great examples of successful fashion tech startups that used mobile apps and mobile shopping experiences to scale up their business.

Lawrence Lenihan, founder and Managing Director of First Mark Capital, says:

Going forward, every brand must figure out how to connect directly with its customers and they must structure their business around the relationships they want to have with their customer rather than let their distribution channels define them. The economics are too great not to do so.

Conventional retail experiences are fading out, with shoppers opting for online shopping experiences that mail different sizes and options directly to the consumers' house. We are only going to be seeing more and more fashion retail brands opting to create

What can Fueled do for you?

With every sector of every industry trending towards the "cloud" and building a seamless mobile experience, we have a feeling Fueled's services are going to be heavily relied on. Fueled's app designers have proved their mettle in being able to create a seamless and intuitive browsing and fashion shopping experience. Name a category of applications and Fueled has developed for it.

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