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Since 2008, Fueled has lead the way in iOS App Development Austin. Our teams successfully merge functionality with world-class design to create beautiful apps that are App Store essentials. At Fueled, our iPhone and Android app developers will turn your idea into an app that will outclass the competition.

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What isFueled

Austin is home to notable companies in the AI, E-commerce and Cleantech industries, such as SparkCognition, Dosh, and Treehouse.

Fueled is a mobile app design and development agency that creates award-winning mobile apps for large enterprise clients including MGM and 9GAG. We have expertise in E-commerce with brands like Warby Parker and have worked with large household name brands like Apple, Verizon, and IBM.

Fueled has years of experience developing a wide range of products across high-growth industries, our experience with iOS App Development Austin based companies makes us a great fit to build apps for some of the area's hottest companies. Simply put, we build jaw-dropping, award-winning mobile experiences that win in the marketplace.

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iOS App Development Austin is in Fueled's DNA

There are over 5,800 high tech employers in the Austin metro area. Tech industry jobs make up 129,700, or 13.6%, of all jobs in Austin, double the national average of 6.7%. Startups are a crucial part of Austin’s growth as well. In Q2 2017 alone, 40 startups in Austin raised over $385.9 million from eager investors.

Some of the world’s most vital tech companies have been settling in Austin since the 1960s. IBM and Texas Instruments were founded in the 60s, paving the way for Motorola in 1974 and Dell in 1984. This trend has accelerated over the years, aided by easy access to capital and increasing interest in mobile development. Today, many major tech-focused companies like Indeed, Apple, and Electronic Arts now have headquarters in Austin.

E-Commerce and personal finance tech are leading Austin’s latest tech gold rush. BigCommerce, an e-commerce platform used by Toyota, Gibson, and Camelback to increase sales on web marketplaces and to streamline marketing efforts. BigCommerce recently raised $64 million in growth funding led by Goldman Sachs. Artificial Intelligence (AI) services are a huge area for recent growth in Austin. CognitiveScale is using Augmented Intelligence software to power programs in financial services, healthcare, and E-commerce. The AI development company just received a $15 million round of funding from major investors including Intel and Microsoft. Many notable Cleantech and clean energy companies are housed in Austin. 

CURB manufactures connective hardware that plugs directly into a home’s breaker panel, giving users real-time data on their household’s energy efficiency and consumption. In conjunction with companion mobile app, CURB’s databases help keep homes green and significantly impacts cost reduction. Treehouse is a Cleantech company building sustainable smart homes, providing energy options ranging from solar panels to the Tesla Powerwall, offering many sustainable clean energy solutions for Austin homes. We at Fueled are committed to helping iOS App Development Austin grow by developing great mobile app experiences. We can help you and your company avoid pitfalls while streamlining your path to success in the process.

Pushing iOS App Development Austin Forward

Globally recognized events like South By Southwest and local initiatives like Girls in Tech and the Austin Technology Council have given major tech companies exposure to the Austin mobile scene. Major enterprises like Apple and Facebook have launched large campuses in Austin.

Dosh is a successful iOS app developer who created an engaging cash back rewards app that’s partnered with many major brands such as Target, Nike, and Hilton. Dosh recently closed a $44 million Series A funding round led by PayPal. This hot Austin startup is recruiting talent away from established Texas web platforms Indeed and HomeAway, only emphasizing tech’s trend towards mobile app development. What’s happening in Austin is just part of a much bigger picture. In 2017, mobile app revenue reached $60 billion. When Fueled was founded, iPhone apps were the new hotness, the App Store was in its infancy,

and the Android market was nowhere near the size it is today. Since 2009, the amount of money you can make with an app has increased. Today, over 25% of App Store developers earn at least $5000 per month. Android app development is growing as well. Android phones reached a peak market share of 88% worldwide in November 2017. This is just one reason to consider Android app development instead of — or in addition to — developing on iOS. Fueled has the resources to help you with iOS and Android, should you choose to develop on both platforms.

iOS App Development Austin
iOS App Development Austin

Food Technology is Core To Austin Product Development

Austin is known for being a heaven for foodies, with food truck culture being a deep-rooted part of Austin’s ever-changing identity. It just makes sense that Austin is home to an increasing number of food tech companies.

Founded in Austin, food tech company Beehex received a $125,000 grant from NASA to develop a 3D food printer. In 2017, the company raised $1 million in funding to build the Chef3D, a pizza printer, which they are creating alongside a mobile app. Rhythm Superfoods sells clean, nutritional snacks in stores across the U.S. and Canada. 

The health food startup recently closed a $6 million investment round led by General Mills. Vital Herd uses data management systems to help ranchers better manage the health of their large cattle herds. These fitness trackers for cows will help mitigate the $2.4 billion a year in losses from animal illnesses and deaths reported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Expert Android & iOS Austin App Developers

Creating a successful app requires a massive amount of resources. When you consider the architects, strategists, designers, and developers, it can be a huge investment. At Fueled, we stick to an agile process that allows a product to be created iteratively, constantly improving at every turn.

These Austin companies are pursuing lofty goals. Many cleantech and AI companies are busy developing both software and proprietary hardware. It’s a big ask to add developing a mobile app to that list of priorities, yet many businesses will benefit and are actively seeking out ways to develop apps. We can improve your current 

product or build you a new one from scratch. When all is said and done, Austin is full of talented people, but not every company will have enough resourcing to find an internal team capable of developing a native mobile app. This is where Fueled comes in. We will dedicate our team of designers and developers to bring your app to life.

Fueled Brings Award-Winning Mobile App Development To Austin

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At Fueled, we build products that win in the marketplace. So, do you have a head full of great ideas? Are you ready to develop that raw idea into a tangible product? Good news! We are here to help you build the best mobile app possible. Whether you're based in Austin, San Antonio or anywhere in the world our team is ready to discuss your vision and make it happen.

If you have any questions about Fueled, iOS App Development Austin, or just fancy a chat, please let us know, we’re here to help you grow your business.

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