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Our global team is composed of the most sophisticated iPhone app designers and developers in the world. Crafting stunning iPhone apps, we ensure that every pixel is in its rightful place to create a crisp, clean, and functional design. The results we produce for our clients always exceed expectations and exponentially increase ROI.

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What Is Fueled?

Fueled is a full-service iPhone app design and development agency that specializes in building custom apps for our clients. Developing apps for enterprise and startup clients, our developers take your idea and create iPhone apps that meet your business needs and will keep users coming back.

No idea is too big or too small for us to tackle. Rather than just saying yes, we want to pick your brain; from the get-go, we ask what problem will this app solve for users. We don’t want to just execute a design, we want to create a practical and stunning app that will become an essential part of users’ daily lives. With offices in New York, London, Chicago, and beyond, we have the solution you’re looking for.

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The tools to a great iphone app design include UI/UX experts, coding expertise, and brand strategy

Deciding BetweeniOS and Android Platforms

It’s not surprising news that iOS and Android are top competitors in the mobile app market. Our developers are equipped with extensive knowledge of both platforms, so we’re ready to design your app for whichever platform you see fit. Deciding which platform to build your app on can be tough, but we’re here to help. Our strategists research the industry of your app to find the right platform, ensuring that you see success when your app is brought to the App Store.

Amongst many advantages, one clear advantage of developing for Android is that Android phones reached a worldwide market share of 85% in 2018. Android phones are also more affordable universally, making Android apps more accessible than iOS apps. Not to mention, Android’s integration with Google has added SEO benefits like automatic inclusion in Google’s app indexing library. This allows views on your app’s Google Play Store page convert to site views.

While Android may lead the mobile phone market, Apple is the leader when it comes to app revenue. In 2018, users spent an estimated $46.6 billion in the App Store while only spending $24.8 billion in the Google Play Store. Putting revenue aside, iOS apps have the advantage (and convenience) of being housed on a scalable platform; an app designed during the iPhone 8 era will be just as functional on an X or even a 6.

No matter what, our team is ready to build a strategy and decide which platform (or both) will help you see success and ROI for your app. Our dynamic designs have created an enriching experience for our clients and their users through our apps, as well as generating millions of dollars in revenue. Android may hold the majority of the smartphone market but iOS apps generate the majority of the app market revenue.

Example of iOS and Android app designs

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App Development Process

Our development process is what makes a Fueled app different from the rest. The apps we build are engaging and innovative, bringing your idea to life and in the App Store. Using an agile process, our development process is a 13-week estimate split into two phases: Pre-Development and Design & Development. The Pre-Development phase is when our product managers and strategists will research around your idea to turn it into a product concept that meets your business needs. In the Design & Development phase, our developers and designers create a feature set that turns your concept into a final product that’s ready for launch.

iOS Strategy and Concepting

Once you come to us with your concept, we are ready to get the ball rolling. Our Product managers will research the current market of your idea and strategize how we can create a roadmap that fits both users’ needs and your business needs. We won’t always say “yes” during the conception process. We want to challenge your ideas to ensure that the proposed feature set will not only function but see great success in the App Store.

iOS UX and UI Design

Exceptional UX and UI are direct indicators of success in the competitive mobile app market. Users want to find what they’re looking for fast and easy. To meet the market standards, our designers work on many series of UX and UI prototypes to create wireframes that will ensure your final product is functional and user-friendly. These prototypes will serve as a guide for the rest of the development process, so it’s crucial that we get everything squared away in this stage. After the final prototype is complete, we will send you the blueprints of your future app.

Example of prototypes and wireframes

iOS Development and Testing

We work in two-week sprints wherein each sprint, our team members focus on creating the core features of your app. During the development process, we give you the opportunity to provide feedback through our bi-weekly check-ins. We want your app to make an impact, so our developers work to build your app with sleek designs and smooth transitions. 

Functionality is key when we develop your app, so we utilize a combination of automated and manual testing. At Fueled, we have adopted the practical test pyramid as our method of program testing. We first use variations of automated testing (unit, integration, and end-to-end testing) to check the integrity of the code and see fast, reliable results. We use automated testing before manual testing because it allows us to narrow down what should be the focus for manual testing. Manual testing allows us to see that what we’ve developed is functional and user-friendly. The attention to detail given to every app is what makes our apps stand out; we don’t consider the job done until we see that the concept standards have been met.

Testing Pyramid

iOS App Branding

To make the app yours, we have to incorporate your branding into it. We take your logos, color schemes, and any other branding aspects and build them into the app. The brand your audience loves combined with the elegant app we’ve developed is where the concept turns into a product.


The moment you’ve waited for: launch in the App Store. Incorporating final animations, transitions, and looking over all the final features is where we give your app the Fueled polish. These final touches are key to ensuring that it sees success once it hits the App Store.

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Our iOS Design and Development Projects

Warby Parker came to Fueled looking to build a mobile platform for their customers. Keeping customer experience a priority, we created a mobile app to match their web experience by incorporating the branding they’re known for. Upon launch, the Warby Parker app was featured in the App Store and won App of the Year.

Preview of Warby Parker app

Known as one of the world’s largest casino operators, MGM Resorts was in the market to create an app that focused on room bookings. Doing some further research, Fueled found a solution that went beyond MGM’s request. We built an app that not only included mobile check-in but also streamlined the registration process for the rewards program in order to boost program enrollment.

Preview of MGM app

9GAG was looking for a company that could modernize and revamp their mobile app in order to strengthen their mobile presence. After carrying out user interviews, analyzing data, and doing some competitor research, we knew just the strategy that 9GAG needed. The improved user experience along with new user-focused features allowed 9GAG to see a boost in App Store rating and time in-app.

Preview of 9GAG app
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