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Our global team is composed of the most sophisticated iPhone app designers and developers in the world, who craft visually stunning iPhone apps. We make sure that every pixel is in its rightful place, creating crisp, clean, and functional designs. The results we produce for our clients always exceed expectations and exponentially increase brand awareness. There's a reason we are considered best-in-class for iPhone app design.

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What Is Fueled?

Fueled is a full-service iPhone app design and development agency that specializes in building custom apps for our clients from scratch. No idea is too big or too small for us to tackle. The question we ask at the outset is: will this solve a problem for users? We don't just want to execute a design, we want to create a more practical and beautiful app than we've seen before. We bring this holistic thinking to each client using a team of specialists. There’s nothing we can’t do between our offices in New York, Chicago, London, and beyond.

While we make all kinds of apps, our specialty is in the kind that do something rather than sell something. We want our apps to become an essential part of users' daily lives.

Apps like Ribbon, JackThreads, and WeRide are just some examples in our robust portfolio. Conquering iOS was no easy task, but our biggest reward remains seeing our clients' ideas turn into reality.

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The tools to a great iphone app design include UI/UX experts, coding expertise, and brand strategy

How We DesigniPhone Apps

Making apps for the iPhone is an art—one we’ve perfected. The fluidity of visual design is one of the most important functions of an app. If it doesn’t look nice, no one is going to want to use it. If you don’t have an idea, we’ll work with you from scratch to solve a problem.

Our app designers are perceptive to our clients' needs, whether it be a simple color scheme or a dynamic visual experience. They never work alone, though. The design conversation begins with rigorous analysis of the underlying assumptions you have about the market. Product strategists look at how your idea will change the landscape. Each of the stakeholders offer ongoing feedback through our agile development process, resulting in the best possible product. Our extensive team of developers and strategists work in concert to make sure that the designs seamlessly integrate with their intended functions.

Although we’re a multiplatform agency, iOS apps were where we first dipped our feet in the water, and to this day we’re mainly known as iPhone app developers. iPhone design and development has skyrocketed since the inception of the iPhone back in 2008. We have become one of the premiere iPhone app development agencies in the world in knowing that design can make or break an app.

Our dynamic designs have created an enriching experience for our clients and their users through our apps, as well as generating millions of dollars in revenue. iPhone apps may hold a smaller portion of the app market but the generate the majority of the revenue, even with Android, Windows, and Blackberry combined.

The Cost of iPhone
App Development

iPhone app creation has become one of Fueled’s biggest business ventures in recent years. We make sure that all of our products follow iOS’ strict standards stylistically so that users can naturally manipulate our apps with no hassle. Thematic structures, continuity, and UX/UI flows are all vital aspects we emphasize in our products. Since we closely follow Apple’s design paradigm — it helps that we know some people there, too — we’ll speed you through solidifying your visibility in the iPhone app store.

Custom application development services is a growing industry, so why not work with New York’s most established firm? We made the decision to specialize in mobile back when the market was still focused on web. Today, we are leaders in the market. We know how to harness the purchasing power of consumers through sleek design. We hold all of our team members to a high standard and they never fail to deliver.

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iPhone App Design
For Companies

The App Store is the most lucrative platform for entrepreneurs and enterprises alike. However, creating an iPhone app is a larger undertaking than many people realize. The process involves huge teams that coordinate to create a polished final product.

You know the huge benefits you could see from a well-executed digital transformation. Investing in precious consumer data and brand awareness with an iPhone app will help catapult your business into the next decade. That's why you want the best possible team. We are that team. We are here to take it to the next level for you.

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