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Fueled is an app development and design agency that built the boundary-pushing MGM Resorts App. We worked with Vegas’s top resorts to create astounding results.

In 2016, Lawn Starter ranked Las Vegas as the #7 most affordable startup hub in America. Las Vegas is home to top hospitality and eCommerce companies, as well as startups pushing the envelope of emerging technologies in the realms of Blockchain and XR. In addition to our work with MGM, our eCommerce iOS apps for and our blockchain development agency Anchor make us the leading choice for Las Vegas App Development. If you're an enterprise company looking to develop apps that get featured in the app store and win in the marketplace, then Fueled is the only choice.

What We do

How Fueled Developed Apps For Las Vegas' Iconic Enterprise

Fueled helped MGM Resorts International build a groundbreaking app that combines utility and entertainment with ease of use. Guests at 13 top Vegas resorts now have access to seamless mobile check-in and digital key access, all thanks to Fueled.

Through close collaboration with partners, we built an immersive app experience that begins by allowing guests to skip long, lobby check-in lines at their MGM resort of choice. This relatively simple innovation leads to the mobile app being the crux of every guest’s visit. In collaboration with digital lock vendors Assa Abloy and Dormakaba, we created a secure, state of the art keyless entry system that lets you use your phone as your room key. The app also serves as a digital concierge allowing guests to buy tickets to shows, reserve a table at a resort restaurant or club, and book their next trip upon check-out. This refreshing approach to guest engagement now allows MGM Resorts to understand and further optimize amenities, and services for revenue in ways they never could be for, all through a painless mobile guest experience.

Hospitality, entertainment, and technology go hand-in-hand in Las Vegas. Tech is the backbone of security, gambling, and dining. Each of these three industries relies on tech to be efficient, serve as many guests as possible, and make their guest experiences as smooth as possible. MGM hosts 3 million guests annually at their nearly 50,000 rooms. Casinos, restaurants, and entertainers all benefit from improved hospitality experiences, which in turn benefit from mobile technology-based solutions. Bringing technology and mobile app development to resort chains, venues, restaurants, and casinos is a big step forward, and is right where Fueled fits in.


Las Vegas: A Powerhouse for Mobile Apps

Some of the biggest business in Las Vegas have top ranking apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Zappos, one of the largest online retailers of footwear, was started just outside of Vegas in Henderson, but moved to Las Vegas in 2012 to expand. Zappos has since launched a nearly perfectly rated eCommerce app, allowing for customers to easily buy shoes on their mobile devices. CEO Tony Hsieh invested $350 million into revitalizing downtown Vegas, which helped to create a startup mentality that brought more tech companies to the Las Vegas area.

According to a LinkedIn Workforce Report, Las Vegas has seen a 44% increase in workers moving to the city. Software modeling and process design, and electronic and electrical engineering are among the most in-demand skills. Many of these workers are coming from the Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach in California in search of hot Las Vegas app development jobs.

VTF Capital (formerly Vegas Tech Fund) is a VC group actively investing in Las Vegas commerce companies. VTF has invested more early-stage capital into Las Vegas companies than any firm in state history. Their investments include polling and survey tech company Wedgies and free fin-tech mobile app WiseBanyan.

Travel and transportation are an important extension of the hospitality economy of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas-based low-cost airline Allegiant Air is a skyrocketing business that is adding jobs across the country. The airline has gone mobile, releasing a solid foundation for an app that already ranks in the top 30 Travel apps on the app store.

Our Digital Services

Here at Fueled, we’re willing to challenge traditional boundaries by tackling all facets of tech, from newer buzzwords like blockchain and AR/VR to good old fashioned mobile app development.

Our highest priority is to flesh out products that are the result of hard research, robust analytics, and multi-step optimization for your company’s strategy and direction. As a solid team of digital growth consultants, seasoned project managers, and UI/UX experts, we take full advantage of opportunities or openings others might have missed by providing services in:

Cost of Mobile App Development in Las Vegas

We understand businesses need to stay ahead to stay relevant, and mobile apps are where the industry leaders of Las Vegas need to look. However, these high profile companies need the most polished, beautiful apps to edge out the competition. Las Vegas has already had a taste of Fueled, and there is so much more we can still accomplish.

For every Las Vegas app development project we embark on, we dedicate a full-time team of product designers, iOS, and Android developers, and brand experts and strategists to build your app. The result is a fully-featured mobile app that is responsive and beautiful. We charge on a rolling basis and always produce results to ensure your time and money are well spent.

Mobile Gambling Apps in Las Vegas

In terms of using tech to modernize local industry, Las Vegas brands are at the forefront of online gambling.

Gambling apps throughout the country are expansions of Las Vegas-based Casino and Resort franchises. MGM has the PlayMGM brand of apps, while Caesars Entertainment Corporation and Golden Nugget each have offerings that let users in other states where gambling is legal to participate in online gaming.

A recent Supreme Court decision overturning a federal ban on sports betting loosens Nevada’s grip on the market. This gives Vegas’s established companies like MGM a major advantage in bringing their sports betting experience to other regional markets primarily through a mobile gaming experience.

Nevada’s Gaming Commission has approved two online gaming apps, Real Gaming and World Series of Poker. These are both owned by Vegas franchises, South Point and Caesars respectively. These apps have a wealth of security and location verification features that meet Nevada State Guidelines. It’s important to work with Las Vegas app developers who have the capability to create an app that will seamlessly comply to local and national laws and deliver a painless user experience.

“If Fueled somehow didn't accept this project, there’s no one else I'd even be comfortable going with.”

Benjamin Berenson — Mobile Product Manager of MGM

“The product Fueled delivered allowed us to generate revenue before launching, which was extremely impressive.”

Omri Sass — Product Manager of NY Times Company, Wirecutter

“Fueled collaborated with the client’s in-house IT team to create a straightforward user experience on a very strict timeline. They communicated well and offered experienced advice throughout the development process.”

Matthew Reeves — Associate Director of Verizon

“I can’t say enough about how much they accomplished in the short timeframe.”

Joe C. — DCI Capital Investors

“The team was fantastic to work with, from the account management side to the product folks and the designers. Everyone was extremely receptive and thorough in listening to our objectives and ensuring we had a stellar MVP wireframe that reflected our goals. They even gave us an extra week to finesse the design some more so we were totally happy with it. We are thrilled with our product design and very appreciative of the enthusiasm, support, and hard work demonstrated by the entire team.”

Nirali Jain — Co-Founder and COO of Artwired

“Fueled surpassed expectations with the stunning and immaculately-designed website and their work generated an impressive number of new members. Their team has a combination of warmth and intelligence that other tech agencies don't have.”

Annie — Founder of Apartner

“Fueled received a perfect score across the board from the client, noting that their UI/UX [user interface/user experience] design was exceptional and set them apart from other similar providers.”

Soumyadip Rakshit — CEO of MysteryVibe

“Fueled met deadlines and stayed on budget. Their team was great to work with, and they were knowledgeable and professional. They deliver high-quality work and are friendly and welcoming. Their expertise is apparent, and they don't need to improve in any area.”

Santana Iglesias & Nicole Knudson — Co-founders of Numovi, LLC

iOS App Developers in Las Vegas

Whether you are based in Las Vegas, Reno, or any other city in the world, we can help you build the most cutting-edge, industry-disrupting iOS mobile products. We’re not here to make normal apps— we want to change how people interact with the tech world by providing the best iOS app development services you’ve ever experienced.

When the App Store first launched in 2008, it was a gold mine waiting to be explored. It now continues to be a rich economy that promises the most ground-breaking, first-rate apps for Apple users. In 2018, the App Store made $46.6 billion— nearly double the revenue brought in by the Play Store. Compared to Android users, iOS users are reported to have higher annual income and level of engagement. This enables them to make more in-app purchases, as they recognize the value in the apps they choose to download.

Because there are a limited number of Apple device types, iOS app development is also significantly faster. In fact, Android app development is 30-40% slower than iPhone app development— and time is money.

Android App Developers

The Google Play Store is making a larger impact. The worldwide Android user base made up about 74% of the global market share in 2018. Fueled also works on developing and designing apps that get featured Google Play Store. At the end of the day, good products can only be successful if people use them. Our Android teams have brought chart-topping App Store icons over to the Play Store.

Yes, we still make agile, lean iPhone apps, but our NYC office also houses a dedicated and talented team of Android developers and strategists. Our product managers work on both iOS and Android projects, employing the same proven strategies across both platforms.

Some clients, like QuizUp, have asked us to create an Android version of their iOS-only app. Others, like MGM Resorts International, asked for Android and iOS builds in order to reach the largest user base possible. And then there are clients like Rite Aid, who are looking to revamp their app experience. Fueled’s app development has proven to drive real business results for our clients.

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The numbers say it all: Las Vegas is becoming a powerhouse for all things tech, mobile app development included.

Fueled works to create exciting new products that will contribute to the bright future of app development. And even if you’re not based in this bustling tech hub, our teams across the world are ready to tackle your project and make the best app imaginable.

If you have any questions about Fueled or just fancy a chat, pick up the phone: we’re here to work for you.