Award-Winning App Development: Los Angeles and Beyond

Since 2008, Fueled has been near exclusively focused on redefining the possibilities for app development. Los Angeles app development is a hub for entrepreneurs, and our team recognizes that it's not enough to execute on product specs. Our goal is always to combine functionality, innovation, and world-class design. Ultimately, we want to help you develop an app that will solve a problem in users' lives, not just crank out something shiny. At Fueled, our iPhone and Android app developers take your idea (no matter how crazy) and build it into a stunning app your users will love.

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What isFueled

Fueled is a mobile app design and development agency that creates award-winning mobile applications for enterprise and startup clients alike. We offer a diverse staff and a full range of customizable services entirely based on the needs of our clients. We help aspiring mobile entrepreneurs strategize, code, design and launch their apps in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Our clean, professional apps have a rigorously tested purpose. Apps that provide a service and have an actual function will outlive those that serve to distract you for a moment. We solidly believe in the lifetime value of our MVPs.

Our apps are tools which people use every day — ones they can’t live without once they use them. Warby Parker, Barneys, and Afterlight are just a few solid entries in the Fueled Mobile App portfolio, skyrocketing to the top of the App Store. Even if all you’re bringing to the table is a basic idea, we’ll make it so.

It’s what we do.

Los Angeles: Silicon Beach

Los Angeles is our fourth location, in addition to our offices in New York, Chicago, and London, and is at the epicenter of a technology boom. Southern California tech, known to many as "Silicon Beach," was reported to be worth more than an estimated $155 billion in 2018. Entrepreneurs are flocking to the City of Angels, proving that the corporate parks of Silicon Valley aren't the only source of ingenuity. If anything, the culture in Los Angeles is more conducive to visionary app development. Look around: everywhere you see people putting ideas in motion.

Los Angeles is all about startups and, as a startup ourselves, so are we. We can help you avoid subtle pitfalls, streamline your track to success, and save you money in the process. We want to see your ideas succeed and we’ll fight tooth and nail to make it happen.

Los Angeles App Development Continues to Explode

Apps as we know them today began proliferating in 2008 when both the Apple Store and Google Play (formerly Android Market) started taking submissions from outside sources. Just like that, consumers had access to an entire marketplace of applications. The opening up of the industry happened at warp speed. Both Apple and Android markets quickly reached one billion downloads within two years. Fast-forward to today and mobile apps are an essential and everyday part of using a smartphone. In 2017, mobile app revenue reached $60 billion.

The profitability of releasing an app has increased exponentially in the past decade Android app development is growing as well. Android phones reached a peak market share of 88% worldwide in November 2017.Your Android app may reach more people, but as a trend, there are more options for monetization on iOS. App Store revenue last year reached $38.5 billion, whereas $20.1 billion spent on the Google Play Store. Over 25% of App Store developers earn over $5000 per month. We’ll help guide you to which marketplace is best for you, if not both.

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Los Angeles App Development and Beyond

Everyone is talking about the massive benefit a digital transformation can have on your business. Creating a mobile app is an obvious first step with huge rewards, especially since mobile growth shows no sign of slowing down. A mobile app creates a direct connection between you and your customer, and it can add to or enhance your existing product or even offer a completely new product or service. Further, an app allows your product to reach directly into the lives of your customers and give you a better sense of how they interact with your brand.

The Cost of Los Angeles App Development

Creating a successful app requires a massive amount of resources between the architects, strategists, designers, and developers. We are solid believers in an agile process that allows each party to contribute to the ongoing refinement of the product. Costs will vary per client depending on specific needs and services required, but we can help you make the most cost-effective decisions for your project, outlining the various expenses and services required. Our work begins with product design sprints and moves into design and development sprints if you are ready to bring your idea to life. Want to build an MVP? You could have a prototype in your hands in as little as 9-13 weeks.

How Can We Help You?

Do you think you have a great idea for an app? Are you ready to look at how you might develop that raw idea into a tangible product? We are here to challenge you, and help you build the best mobile app possible. Whether you're based in Los Angeles or Las Vegas or Seattle, our team is nearby to discuss your vision.

If you have any unanswered questions about Fueled or Los Angeles app development or if you want to put us to work don't hesitate to get in touch! Our team is ready to pounce on the next great thing.

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