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You don't need to be in Silicon Valley for your app idea to succeed, but it can't hurt. The Fueled ecosystem extends into the Silicon Valley and San Francisco tech hubs where we can stay on the cusp of trends. Our appeal derives in part from deep experience in Silicon Valley app development, having debuted on the scene in 2008 when mobile was young. But another crucial piece of our proposition is our openness and sensitivity to fast-shifting scenes. For that reason, we keep a foot on each coast, with our headquarters in New York, and clients everywhere from California to Austin to France.

Keeping a Close Eye on Apple and Android

The app marketplace, inclusive of iPhone and Android, continues to boom. While iPhone apps tend to be somewhat more lucrative, the entire app economy is on fire. TechCrunch estimates the sector to be worth $6.3 trillion by 2021. Our mobile app designers have been there from the very beginning, creating gorgeous UI/UX designs that keep users enthralled. Their knowledgeable expertise will catapult your idea into whatever arena you have in your sights.

 What Is Fueled?

Fueled is a mobile app development agency that creates amazing, custom apps for enterprise and startup clients alike. With three locations — New York, Chicago, London— we've built a specialist team that can mobilize quickly to see your vision through to a fully functioning, polished app. From coding to designing to launching apps in the Apple Store and Google Play, our team knows how to come together to optimize the process end to end. Whether you’ve got an established idea or not, we’ll work with you from the ground up to create the most effectual app for your business.

We like to build meaningful apps with cutting edge technology and development teams. We want our apps to be tangible products that people feel like they can’t live without.

Rite Aid, Warby Parker, and CrunchBase are just a few examples of our ever-growing apps portfolio. We like to emphasize functionality, clean design, and a great user experience. There’s nothing we love more than putting yet another awesome app on the Apple Store and Google Play.

How We Design Mobile Apps

Fueled’s team of designers has been creating functional, easy-to-use multiplatform mobile apps since the very beginning. That’s nine years of meticulous work — pixel by pixel, code by code — to laying the foundations of our business. Likewise, our experience creating gorgeous product solutions for San Francisco clients goes way back. If you've seen AfterLight, QuizUp, or MysteryVibe featured in the App Store, you've seen our work.

The apps we design are fluid and intuitive when it comes to UI/UX, always working in the way that users expect them to. No idea is too big or small for us and there’s nothing we like better than bringing a single sentence into reality.

Mobile application development is showing no signs of slowing down in San Francisco and neither are we. Our clients are always kept informed about our progress and are more than welcome to give us feedback at any point. Our goal is to create a tremendous product that will increase revenue, user engagement, and help you to always be in direct contact with your customers.

We’re a huge team and have built apps that have seen over two million downloads. We don’t just make apps though, we create mobile solutions.

A History of Silicon Valley App Development

Mobile application software took a huge leap forward in 2008 when both the Apple Store and Google Play opened their doors for submissions. Designers and developers saw the opportunity and a whole era of Silicon Valley app development was born. Apps have slowly ingratiated with our daily lives. Almost ten years later, the potential for apps continues to expand into new territory.

Android may have the most downloads out of all platforms, but Apple is still the moneymaker, bring in an average of 75% more revenue per app over their Android counterparts. The Bay Area tech giant is still waves ahead of everyone else because of their high standards, limited suite of devices, and cashed-up demographics. Apple's strict design and development guidelines are always driving everyone in the industry to produce the best possible products that they can.

Silicon Valley App Development for Companies

Creating a mobile app for your business can reap huge benefits, especially since mobile is still a growing industry and it’s projected revenue is growing exponentially. A mobile app creates a direct connection between you and your customer, allowing your product to directly reach into their lives and give you a better sense of how they interact with your brand. We are seeing large enterprise clients realize that investing in a top-shelf mobile solution isn't just an opportunity for unseen growth; it's a business imperative.

The Cost of Mobile Development

Making a successful app requires a huge amount of resources between the architects, strategists, designers, and developers that make up our team. Our key value isn't just the vision and innovation that underpins our work, it's the experience all our specialist team members have working with each other. They've built incredible apps before, and they're ready to turn that talent to your problem or initiative.

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