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Our app design team members are experts in their craft, consistently exceeding our competitors since the platform’s introduction in 2008. Through innovation, functionality and attention to detail we construct remarkable mobile apps.

What is Fueled?

Fueled is a full service app design and development agency.  Our focus stems from building continuously engaging, polished and efficient apps. We build mobile and web apps that demonstrate superior UI and UX. We are a product design house that prides itself on functionality and beauty through our attention to detail and personalized polish.

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With offices in New York, Chicago, and London we offer a dynamic set of expertise in all things mobile. Our knowledgeable teams of designers and developers have a long track record of developing small yet promising ideas and making them flourish into award winning apps. The clients we work with range from modest startup ideas to large enterprises such as Coca-Cola, Barneys, Sony and many more.

Not only do we build innovative, reliable and beautiful apps, we create apps that are above all - useful.  We provide intensive design strategy that gives our clients a leg up in the competitive world on app creation.

A Brief History of Mobile Apps

With the mobile app platform coming about in 2008, Fueled began to take part in the stunning first-hand innovations that were becoming a common part of our daily lives.  It started with experimentation and branched into harnessed expertise as our team of designers began mastering the craft of app design.

Since then, we have made apps our specialty, as Fueled has now become a leader in the app design and development field.  We have an extensive history of taking a humble idea and helping it flourish to its true potential through our amazing team of designers, developers, architects and strategists.

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Amid Android and iPhone constantly battling for who stands out in the app development field, iPhone has been the front-runner time and time again.  With iPhone bringing in three times the revenue per app compared to Android, time has shown that the iPhone market excels in the app market game.

Another reason we are seeing iOS leading the mobile app platform is due to the strong guidelines Apple possesses. These guidelines not only ensure the quality of apps they allow onto their platform, but they also certify an app’s novelty. Unfortunately for android, their platform does not require any form of guidelines creating an ever increasing number of stagnant unusable apps in their market.

How We Design Beautiful Mobile Apps


Our mobile design team relies on the fundamentals for creating their innovative and beautiful mobile apps – a great UX, intuitive interaction, and eye-catching visual design.  From start to finish we integrate our clients into our design process by offering the ability to review throughout each stage of development.  Our team works along the lines of an “agile agency” whereby we dedicate two weeks and a full team of designers and developers into building the app.  We make sure our clients and designers have a collaborative vision transforming the initial idea into something beyond expectations.

From iPhones to Android devices, mobile apps have become our specialty.  We don’t solely specialize in designing any old app, instead we focus on apps that start from novel ideas that keep users coming back for more – apps that users care about.  Through execution, collaboration and developed solutions, the apps we have worked hard to build have gained our clients over $250 million in revenue to date.

Through a four-step process we collaborate with our clients to make their idea develop into something beautiful.  Each major step in the design process incorporates a review section where clients are able to give feedback.  Our team values collaboration starting from the ground up, taking our clients vision and giving it the Fueled polish that we’re known for.  Attention to detail, fluidity, and functionality are just a few attributes we prioritize in the final front of our design process leaving the apps we create with a flawless UX.

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