Award-Winning Mobile App Development in Austin

If you've spent any time in Austin, you know the power of free-thinking and a willingness to break long-held rules. The drive to make and create draws entrepreneurs to the ascendant tech scene in central Texas attracted Fueled to Austin App Development.

We are a group of talented developers, engineers, visual designers and strategists. Where other app development staff come out of consulting shops, we are proven owners and innovators with a history creating winning apps. We turn great ideas for web and mobile users into products that are elegant, intuitive and amazingly fun to use. We’ve been a leader in mobile app development since the early days in 2008 and have a portfolio of awesome mobile apps we've built for some of the biggest and most recognizable brands around. And now, through ongoing cross-coastal collaboration with our clients in the Austin area, we are bringing the independence of the Austin tech scene and get-it-done know how of Silicon Alley together.

What Is Fueled?

Fueled is a team of designers, developers and strategists who create consistently premier apps. We are a product design house that produces functional and beautiful apps with a clean and consistent user interface and user experience. Our Austin app development team works hard to build high-quality, polished apps for mobile and web platforms that continue to outdo our competitors.

Fueled App Design

Fueled works in the heart of SoHo alongside like minded entrepreneurs and startups we like to call the Fueled Collective. We work with clients from San Francisco to NYC and across the globe. You can find our developers working around the clock in New York, Chicago and London.

A fundamental element to our success revolves around innovation. We view a creator mindset as key to creating a whole new market, as opposed to simply breaking into one. We’re selective about the kind of projects we take on. As a result, we work on only the ideas we’re passionate about.

The apps we build range from small-scale startups ideas to large-scale enterprises such as Barney's, Coca-Cola, and Porsche. Whether it is a promising idea you’ve longed to create, or the next big investment for your company, Fueled strives to create intuitive, engaging, efficient and beautiful apps. Enterprise or startup, we are interested in whether your idea is good.

Fueled App Development Austin

Not only are we turning your idea to reality, we are giving you a targeted blueprint strategy for your app. We start with detailed wireframes and move to individualized blueprints that our clients are able to review along the way. Our goal is to release early and often, allowing you to refine and advance your product through our development process. User feedback is an intrinsic part of that process from the moment you bring us in to the day we leave you with the app in hand. Importantly, our agile mindset allows us to ask tough questions along the way to challenge long-held beliefs and assumptions. It's the same willingness to challenge the status quo that put Austin app development on the map.

Our team of developers work hard to produce the highest quality user experience possible and won't stop at anything else.

Budgeting for Austin App Development

Each project cost is as unique as the app idea itself. Since creating an app involves a vast number of steps and team member input, the total cost of development is always determined by the scope of the project itself. As a rule of thumb, Android apps can cost more than iPhone apps due to the larger range of devices the app needs to be optimized for. Games and social networks also tend to lean on the more expensive side, as opposed to apps with one specific purpose. You can find a rich rundown on the technical earnings in this piece.

What Drives Us

We have offices in New York’s Soho district, Chicago and London, but our services don’t stop there.  We have worked extensively with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley and have a wide range of experience with all things technology.

Our team of designers and developers work hard to push the boundaries of what is possible and consistently produce visual designs and functionality that users haven’t seen before. Having worked with individuals with great ideas, small teams looking to capture new markets, and large-scale brands looking for an edge, Fueled continues to make beautiful and intuitive web and mobile apps that stand out.

Fueled Austin App Development Process

We strive to not only make beautiful apps, but to make an experience. Our team creates apps that become a part of a user's daily life – something that users not only care about, but also rely on.

We don’t simply create the app and move onto the next. We provide a tangible design strategy to have our clients excel in the market they are about to enter. These design strategies work to drive customer virality and see that the app is being adopted into the daily lives of their users. Alongside our dynamic and extensive tactics for marketing strategy, we offer our clients a well-rounded entry into whatever market your app has been designed for.

South-By or Bust

If you're looking for an agency that can turn your idea into a game-changing app, talk to us. We can offer a dedicated team of Austin app development specialists who bring expertise and fresh inspiration to every project. We love nothing more than working with a creator to execute on a truly great vision.

Until then, maybe we'll see you in Austin at the next South-By.

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