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Fueled leads mobile app development in New York City. We create product-driven apps that speak for themselves. Our team of developers, designers, and strategists collaborate globally from our historic SoHo office space.

At Fueled, we develop award-winning iOS and Android apps with a focus on lean methodology and agile development. We ensure quality products every step of the way through thoughtful critique and working closely to match our client’s vision.


What Will Mobile App Development Do For Your Business?

We get it, you want to know the monetary logistics before anything else. In 2018, mobile app revenue reached $71.4 billion, a 22.7% increase from 2017. When Fueled started, iPhone apps were just beginning to trend, the App Store was new and shiny, and Google Play was just a fraction of the marketplace it is today.

The profitability of releasing an app has increased exponentially since apps were first introduced. There’s no definitive number that we can provide, but we can put it into perspective. The top 200 apps have an average daily revenue of $82,500 while the top 8,000 apps have an average daily revenue of $3,500. Looking at these numbers a little differently, apps in the “Games” categories have an average daily revenue of $22,250; “Entertainment” apps have an average daily revenue of $3,090. The numbers say different things depending on the perspective you take, and that’s where we can help you. Fueled will help you gain insight into the potential profit of your app idea. From there, we can help you launch your app and aid in developing post-launch monetization strategies.

On the flip side of the coin, you’re asking at what cost will it take for your app to gain the revenue you want? Again, there’s no definitive answer to this question because there’s much to consider, but we can provide some insight. If you’re looking to get the bare minimum for your app to be up and running, you can do that with about $75,000; though, this doesn’t always mean you’ll see success. At Fueled, a project can run about $300,000 with an upper limit of $1,000,000. That investment allows us to critically strategize and develop your idea to ensure that your app brings the ROI you’re looking for.

App Store vs Google Play

Mobile apps aren’t the new kids on the block anymore. Android phones reached a market share of 85% worldwide in 2018. Android apps reach a larger international audience, due to the ubiquity and accessibility of Android devices worldwide. This is just one reason to consider Android app development instead of — or in addition to — developing on iOS.

Your Android app may reach more people, but as a trend, there are more options for monetization on iOS. App Store revenue in 2018 reached $46.6 billion, whereas the Google Play Store had revenue of $24.8 billion. Regardless of what route you choose, we can build and monetize your app for iOS or Android.

Our Digital Services

Here at Fueled, we’re willing to challenge traditional boundaries by tackling all facets of tech, from newer buzzwords like blockchain and AR/VR to good old fashioned mobile app development.

Our highest priority is to flesh out products that are the result of hard research, robust analytics, and multi-step optimization for your company’s strategy and direction. As a solid team of digital growth consultants, seasoned project managers, and UI/UX experts, we take full advantage of opportunities or openings others might have missed by providing services in:

What Does App Development Look Like?

As explained by Ryan Matzner, Managing Partner at Fueled, “A development team is sort of like a Broadway play. You have the actors on stage, but then there’s a whole bunch of stuff happening behind the scenes.” App development teams vary, but our app development team includes:

  • Account managers who act as a liaison for clients
  • Product managers who oversee the strategy
  • Designers who create visual content
  • Developers to optimize the product for launch
  • Digital marketers to make your app known

When you work with Fueled, we build our project teams based on the research and strategy that we find best suited for your project. We are equipped with all the right team members who are ready to make your app idea a reality.

The App Development Process

Every Fueled project starts with your idea. From there, we develop a bespoke client pitch deck and use our expertise in mobile app development to create a mobile strategy designed to best fit your needs. Instead of just saying “yes,” we work with companies to find the strengths in their existing products and identify opportunities for growth and innovation. We develop a unique mobile experience for your product, fleshing out features that lead users on a clear journey through the app.

Our team works under an agile process when building your app. Our development process is split into two phases: Pre-Development and Design & Development. We value collaboration every step of the way, so our design process incorporates a review section where you’re able to provide feedback. Through our four-step process, we are able to give every app the Fueled polish we’re known for.

  1. Project kickoff
  2. Pre-development/product design sprints
  3. Design & development sprints
  4. Launch of MVP (minimal viable product)




“If Fueled somehow didn't accept this project, there’s no one else I'd even be comfortable going with.”

Benjamin Berenson — Mobile Product Manager of MGM

“The product Fueled delivered allowed us to generate revenue before launching, which was extremely impressive.”

Omri Sass — Product Manager of NY Times Company, Wirecutter

“Fueled collaborated with the client’s in-house IT team to create a straightforward user experience on a very strict timeline. They communicated well and offered experienced advice throughout the development process.”

Matthew Reeves — Associate Director of Verizon

“I can’t say enough about how much they accomplished in the short timeframe.”

Joe C. — DCI Capital Investors

“The team was fantastic to work with, from the account management side to the product folks and the designers. Everyone was extremely receptive and thorough in listening to our objectives and ensuring we had a stellar MVP wireframe that reflected our goals. They even gave us an extra week to finesse the design some more so we were totally happy with it. We are thrilled with our product design and very appreciative of the enthusiasm, support, and hard work demonstrated by the entire team.”

Nirali Jain — Co-Founder and COO of Artwired

“Fueled surpassed expectations with the stunning and immaculately-designed website and their work generated an impressive number of new members. Their team has a combination of warmth and intelligence that other tech agencies don't have.”

Annie — Founder of Apartner

“Fueled received a perfect score across the board from the client, noting that their UI/UX [user interface/user experience] design was exceptional and set them apart from other similar providers.”

Soumyadip Rakshit — CEO of MysteryVibe

“Fueled met deadlines and stayed on budget. Their team was great to work with, and they were knowledgeable and professional. They deliver high-quality work and are friendly and welcoming. Their expertise is apparent, and they don't need to improve in any area.”

Santana Iglesias & Nicole Knudson — Co-founders of Numovi, LLC

iPhone App Development in New York City

At Fueled, we have a long history of turning ideas into award-winning products. Our NYC office houses an experienced team of strategists, designers, and developers. We dedicate ourselves to creating apps with an innovative design that caters to each client’s specific user needs.

We take an iterative approach to planning and organizing. Once goals and deadlines have been established, Fueled engineers an MVP through agile methods. Every product we build is split tested. Using Garage, a Fueled-original product, we take user feedback into account while developing the next iteration.

From top to bottom, every single Fueled iPhone app is thoroughly vetted. When it comes to design, functionality, and market appeal, Fueled is the best in New York. Some clients come to us with an idea, and we turn the idea into reality. We built the Warby Parker app, which was featured in the App Store almost immediately after launch. Other clients come to us already with an app, but with ideas to improve it. When 9GAG came to Fueled, they were looking for a revamped app to keep users engaged. We ultimately redesigned the 9GAG app and implemented new features to advance the laughs on mobile.

Android App Developers in New York City

Apple’s App Store isn’t the only place to find groundbreaking apps anymore; the worldwide Android user base made up about 74% of the global market share in 2018. Fueled also works on developing and designing apps for the Google Play Store. At the end of the day, good products can only be successful if people use them. Our Android teams have brought chart-topping App Store icons over to the Play Store.

Yes, we still make agile, lean iPhone apps, but our NYC office also houses a dedicated and talented team of Android developers and strategists. Our product managers work on both iOS and Android projects, employing the same proven strategies across both platforms.

Some clients, like QuizUp, have asked us to create an Android version of their iOS-only app. Others, like MGM Resorts International, asked for Android and iOS builds in order to reach the largest user base possible. And then there are clients like Rite Aid, who are looking to revamp their app experience. Fueled’s app development has proven to drive real business results for our clients.

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The numbers say it all: New York City is becoming a powerhouse for all things tech, mobile app development included.

Fueled works to create exciting new products that will contribute to the bright future of NYC app development. And even if you’re not based in this bustling tech hub, our teams across the world are ready to tackle your project and make the best app imaginable.

If you have any questions about Fueled, NYC App development, or just fancy a chat, pick up the phone: we’re here to work for you.