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Fueled leads mobile app development New York City. We create product driven apps that speak for themselves. Our team of developers, designers, and strategists work at the Fueled Collective in New York’s historic Soho neighborhood.

Mobile App Development New York City
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At Fueled, we develop award-winning iOS and Android apps with a focus on lean methodology and agile development. We ensure quality products every step of the way by way of thoughtful critique and working closely to match our client’s vision

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Mobile App Development New York City Done Right

Fueled builds apps for both startups and enterprise companies. Our diverse clientele ranges from Verizon and Rite Aid to Warby Parker, Barneys, Quizup, and Afterlight. We value working with huge influencer brands and startups alike and approach every project with careful thought and consideration. As an NYC app developer, we work with brands New Yorkers love and identify with. Don’t believe us? Check out our portfolio.  

Every Fueled project starts by developing a bespoke client pitch deck and use our expertise in developing award-winning apps to create a mobile strategy designed to best fit the market. Instead of just saying “yes,” we work with companies to find the strengths in their existing products and identify a download hook that will get users onboard. We create a unique mobile experience around this hook, fleshing out features that lead users on a clear journey through the app. No other mobile app development New York City company takes this holistic approach to making your product stand out.

Our experienced B2B sales team has successfully pitched to high-level executives and startup founders alike.  

iPhone App Development

At Fueled, we have a long history of turning ideas into award winning-products. Our NYC office houses an experienced team of strategists, designers and developers. We dedicate ourselves to create apps with innovative design that caters to each client’s specific user needs.

We take an iterative approach to planning and organizing. Once goals and deadlines have been established, Fueled engineers an MVP (minimum viable product) through Agile methods. Every product we build is split tested, every step of the way taking user feedback into account while developing the next iteration.

From top to bottom, every single Fueled iPhone app has been thoroughly vetted. When it comes to design, functionality, and market appeal, Fueled is the best in New York.

Mobile App Development New York City

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Android App Development

Apple’s App Store isn’t the only place to find groundbreaking apps anymore. With the worldwide Android user base exceeding two billion, Fueled works on developing and designing apps for the Google Play Store. At the end of the day, good products can only be successful if people use them. Our Android teams have brought chart-topping App Store icons over to the Play Store.

QuizUp - the award-winning multiplayer trivia game - and Afterlight - the world’s best-selling mobile image editing app - are both available to Android users thanks to Fueled. Many of our biggest clients, like MGM Resorts International, ask for Android and iOS builds in order to hit the largest user base possible.

Yes, we still make agile, lean iPhone apps, but our NYC office also houses a dedicated and talented team of Android developers and strategists. Our product managers work on both iOS and Android projects and we employ the same proven strategies across platforms.

Mobile App Development New York City
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Android App Development vs. Iphone App Development

Mobile apps aren’t the new kids on the block anymore. Android phones reached a peak market share of 88% worldwide in November 2017. Android apps reach a larger international audience, due to the ubiquity and accessibility of Android devices worldwide. This is just one reason to consider Android app development instead of — or in addition to — developing on iOS.

Your Android app may reach more people, but as a trend, there are more options for monetization on iOS. App Store revenue last year reached $38.5 billion, whereas $20.1 billion spent on the Google Play Store. Regardless of what route we help you choose, we can build and monetize your app for iOS or Android.

Visiting Our New York Office

Our New York City headquarters, the Fueled Collective, fosters growth and creative ideas and has a diverse team of very talented iPhone app developers. At the collective, we share a love of plush leather couches, impeccably designed conference rooms, and ping pong tournaments, plus amazing views of lower Manhattan and great snacks every day. The Collective houses 30 of the most exciting startups in New York in addition to being Fueled’s NYC headquarters.

Mobile App Development New York City

What Will iOS Development Do For Your Business?

In 2017, mobile app revenue reached $60 billion. When Fueled started, iPhone apps were just beginning to trend, the App Store was new and shiny, and Google Play was just a fraction of the marketplace it is today. Since then, the profitability of releasing an app has increased exponentially. Over 25% of App Store developers earn over $5000 per month. Fueled will help you launch your app and aid in developing post-launch monetization strategies.

If you have any unanswered questions about Fueled, mobile app development New York City, or if you want to put us to work don't hesitate to get in touch! Our team is ready to pounce on the next great idea - hopefully, it’s yours.

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