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Mobile app development is a mammoth part of the economy, estimated to be worth $6 trillion by 2022. We’ve been at the forefront of mobile design since we set up shop in 2009. Today we are one of the world’s premiere mobile app development companies across platforms. Our talented team of designers, developers, and strategists have app design down to an art, and know how to develop an interactive product that will skyrocket to the top of the app store.

What Sets a Fueled App Apart?

Whether you’re a unicorn startup or an enterprise client, we begin the development process the same way: asking “how can this product become an intrinsic part of someone’s day?” We want our apps to be intuitive, powerful, and aesthetically harmonious. We aren’t interested in ushering a one-shot idea over the finish line, we want to elevate the product at every step of the process, from ideation to wireframing, testing, and debuting an MVP. Your arrival in the marketplace should be just the beginning. Our goal is a boom in daily users, waves of subsequent seed funding, and award and write-ups for the apps leading the way. *applause*

You can find Fueled’s top-notch mobile app development team in London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Eastern Europe, and Asia —wherever we find talent.

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But you want to know how we do it, right?

The App Development Process

To us, it’s not an app. It’s a solution, a lifestyle toolkit, a high-performance piece of art. It’s a gateway for users to explore ideas and services you otherwise couldn’t touch. For that reason, our mobile app design process begins with a thorough look at the product’s key features, as well as the mode of experience you want the user to have. How will it feel? What mindset will it key in?

We use a four-step agile development process to allow for rigorous feedback and testing in the product design and development phases. Our developers understand the specific requirements of Android and iOS platforms. They know how to build an intelligent architecture. They incorporate ongoing input from clients, user testing, and team feedback through a series of sprints that perform ongoing refinement. The result is a mobile app designed to fast become ingrained in people’s daily routines, to act dynamically to enhance their lives, whether they’re playing, working, or exploring.

From the App Store to Google Play, you’ll find apps that have gone through Fueled’s meticulous app development process and offer a peak experience for users. We've built everything from e-commerce apps to trivia apps to photographic toolkits. We’ve won plenty of awards, but using our experience and vision to create apps that people care about is our KPI. It’s our mission, and why the best app designers and developers come to work for Fueled.

Want to know what our mission looks like?

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The Future of Mobile Apps

The mobile economy is throttling along at a thunderous pace. Truly, the scope for the next app to reinvent our lives is untold. We have been there since the early days and specialize in taking a breathtaking vision and creating something tangible to place in users’ hands.

From the inception of your idea to a fully built-out product that wins raves, we know how to iterate the best possible product. Find out more about our mobile app development services. Our team uses complementary knowledge about aesthetics, responsive design, product integration, and empathetic UX/UI.

When it comes time to bring your idea to market, contact us. We’ll take you step by step through creating a superlative mobile app, from the first product design sprint to the final design development sprint to ubiquity. Want to ride the mobile wave? Say hello.

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