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Mobile app development has been our passion since we opened our doors in 2009. We’ve built numerous, successful multiplatform apps that have skyrocketed us as one of the world’s premiere app development companies. Our talented team creates aesthetically pleasing, functional apps that are exceptional in every way.

What is Fueled?

Fueled is a mobile app development agency that’s worldwide, with offices in New York, Chicago, and London. We make apps for our clients that are tailored to their needs, from custom coding to the finished final design. We do it all, ideas of any size, big or small. Our apps are some of the most successful in the mobile market.

We’ve made app of all kinds, from Kapture to Discovery Communications, and have worked with a slew of different startup and enterprise clients. Apps that expedite efficiency for users, rather than those that are trying to sell something, are our forte. We want users to feel like our apps are a necessary part of their day-to-day lives.

Our apps are gorgeous, easy-to-use, and most important of all, useful.

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How we Develop Mobile Apps

Mobile technology has become an ingrained part of our daily lives and apps keep us on time, orderly, and productive (for the most part). When building an app, we take into account every necessary aspect that must be put into it before our architects begin. Mobile application development can be a long process, but we always keep our clients informed on the progress of the design and development of their app through agile development. Reviews and feedback are welcome at any point. We want to make your idea into a lucrative product that you’re proud of.

We always bring the same innovative capabilities we’ve become known for to every project, whether it be iPhone or Android. With our team being spread out across New York, Chicago, and London, they bring many different perspectives that enrich our process and outcome.

With our apps generating $250 million in revenue, and still growing, we know what it takes to make it in the Apple Store and Google Play. We don’t just make apps, we make dynamic solutions and bring intangible ideas into the tangible world. It’s important to us that our clients and their users care about what we make.

Our clients have ranged from huge enterprises to startups. If you’ve got an idea, we’ve got the skills and talent to build it! Our mobile development strategy has a strong track record with busting out some of the best apps currently available on the market.

A Brief
History of Mobile

The mobile industry’s growth since 2008 has been unprecedented and we’ve been right there with it since the very beginning. There was no mobile application development template then and everything you see today grew out of experimentation. Designers and developers saw the massive potential apps had to expand out into the world. Ever since then, iPhone and Android have been duking it out. Driving competition has caused quality to level out in the past few years between the two platforms. They’re quickly innovating to keep ahead of one another and we innovate right along with them so we’re as up to date as possible.

How we Develop Mobile Apps

Our goal is to see your idea receive the attention it deserves and thrive with our extensive knowledge on how the mobile market works. There’s huge untapped potential just waiting to be discovered on mobile for all businesses and industries. Customers are quickly moving to mobile interaction, why not join them there?

If you’re not sure about the process and resources that it takes to make a mobile app, make sure to check out the Wikipedia page about it.

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