Fueled: Award Winning Mobile E-Commerce Development

Mobile E-Commerce, or m-commerce for short, is an increasingly popular way of purchasing and making transactions on mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile has become a convenient avenue for online purchases and banking needs; it’s a marketplace in the palm of your hand.

M-Commerce is no longer a side thought for businesses, but a necessity. A captivating, well-designed app can garner attention from already loyal customers and even bring in a brand new, younger demographic that solely consumes content through mobile. That’s why Fueled uses a plethora of strategies, from in-app purchases to upgrades, to monetize your idea.

Types of Mobile Commerce

Few people realize that in-app purchases are actually more profitable than paid apps - that’s the beauty of m-commerce! Money transfer, ticketing, and location-based services, like weather forecasting and local discounts, are all methods of m-commerce. Fueled will help you choose the features that your business and branding goals require.

Since transactions have been moving online, and away from brick-and-mortar establishments, m-commerce can be an efficient way to turbocharge your revenue. It’s found in various forms, from taxi e-hail apps to games to shopping apps. Mobile commerce can also allow users to customize their online purchases, from networking with other users to changing the visual experience. Whatever it does, we love making business easier!

What is Fueled?

Fueled is a global leader in strategy, design, and development of mobile e-commerce apps. We’ve made it our business to help companies enter the mobile arena equipped with the best tools to increase user engagement and revenue. Every app we create is individually crafted for our clients from concept, to wireframe, to design and development. We’re located in New York, Chicago, and London, giving us a richer, global perspective on successful apps.

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Make Money Now, Not Later

The amount of media we consume through our phones is steadily rising and will only continue to grow. Men statistically make more purchases on their mobile devices, at 16%, than women do at 13%. Total mobile sales are predicted to reach $31 billion by 2019, so it’s more than worth it to invest in a m-commerce app for your business.

Fueled isn’t interested in putting your product in the App Store and waiting to see what happens. Fueled wants your app to be featured. Too often, businesses create a free app but don’t create a strategy for monetization.

What is Mobile Commerce?

In addition to sales, mobile commerce gives your customers a more engaging experience with your product or brand. Mobile consumption of media is increasing every year, making the mobile marketplace a force to be reckoned with. Mobile content is everywhere, so anything you put into an app will be accessible on the bus, on the subway, and on the street. When people can access content anywhere and everywhere, there is a higher probability of your revenue increasing at an accelerated rate.

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M-commerce is an effective way to attract new users and customers. There’ll no longer be any need to reroute to your website when your app will capable of processing purchases all the same. You’ll be able to sell your products or charge for additional services all available for instant access. We are passionate about building an m-commerce platform that will cause clients to flock to your business. Fueled can deliver the results that you’re looking for.

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