Molly Sinsheimer

Account Manager

Molly Sinsheimer

About Molly

Molly joined Fueled with a background in arts management. Her literary work in theater, as a coordinator for arts festivals, and as a production assistant in TV, have honed her creative eye. She is fascinated by the intersection of art and business and is thrilled to bring this unique outlook to Fueled's Account Management team. When she’s not working with new clients, Molly can be found planning her next travel adventure and making killer egg sandwiches.

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13 Crosby Street, Floor 3, New York, New York, United States - 10013

Fleek or Weak

  • Client HappinessTop Of The Pops
  • Reaching Top ShelvesThe Worst
  • Costume MakingDazzling
  • ZumbaEh

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