A screenshot of the splash screen of the Afterlight for Android app

The Brief

Afterlight approached Fueled because they were ready to bring their much-loved iOS photo editing app to Android. The Android version needed to meet the high expectations set by the iOS version with immediate effect.

Designing for Android

Fueled carefully redesigned Afterlight so the Android version would capture the same functionality and feel as the iOS version in a Google standards-compliant package.

A screenshot of the Afterlight app on iOSA screenshot of the Afterlight app on Android, developed by Fueled

Coding a Whole New Experience

An extruded image of the Afterlight Android appAn extruded image of a grid overlayAn extruded image of a filter overlayAn extruded image of some of the code used to develop the Afterlight Android app

Building for Android

Because Android users concurrently run more versions of their operating system than iOS users, Fueled meticulously developed Afterlight for widespread compatibility.

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A successful port of an app to Android isn't just making it work, it's making it feel native. We redesigned core elements of the app to conform with Android design principles.

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We did extensive user testing on the Afterlight for Android app using real Android users throughout the development process, ensuring a great final product.

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Our expert developers kept all functionality of the original app whilst removing all superfluous code, making for a lightning-fast app that feels like it was built for the platform.

59 Unique Filters

With a fully adjustable set of 27 original filters, 14 guest-created filters, and 18 season-inspired filters, no one will ever accuse your pictures of looking cliché.

66 Natural Textures

From real 35mm camera light leaks, curated to be organic and natural, to scratchy light leaks inspired by the instant film cameras of the past, Fueled made textures happen.

128 Frames

Easily scalable frames in a wide range of custom shapes bring your photos’ impact to new heights. Hand-drawn wallpapers provide even more options for unique presentation.