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Learn about the Athlete Minder app, created by Fueled!

For any athlete, mental training is just as important as physical training. AthleteMinder is the ultimate mental strength and conditioning tool, allowing users to plan and track their mental skills with ease. Gorgeous graphics and beautiful data visualizations make using this app all the more inviting.


AthleteMinder is all about managing and analyzing training regimens. Which means there is a lot of information to keep organized and lots of charts to analyze. We needed to create an interface that is simple and intuitive without making sacrifices on powerful data analysis and charting features.

App Design

We created an aesthetic vocabulary that is sporty and futuristic, speaking directly to the AthleteMinder’s union of modern technology, data-analytics techniques, and the offline nature of personal athletics.

User Experience

We’re asking users to give us very personal data. This meant creating a solid interface that simultaneously looked inviting, approachable, secure, and technically advanced. Based off recent reviews that’s exactly what we achieved.

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Detailed Planning

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Each day, a user’s first step is to create a new event that they want to log. A robust drag and drop interface gives a feeling of significance to the action.


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A subtle feeling of being rewarded helps keep users motivated, their competition feedback is then logged, allowing the app to provide custom results.

Rating Yourself

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A bespoke and intuitive user experience was created, allowing a simple and fluid means of adjusting the level of positivity for each workout type.


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Reports allow users to track improvement or digression over time across the three key types of events AthleteMinder monitors – training, competition, and rest.


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A custom side-nav menu has been designed to offer global app editing options, allowing the user to remain fully focused on their training programme.


This is where AthleteMinder really shines. Reports visualize both physical and mental achievements over a given period of time, comparing goals with actual performance data and clearly identifying areas for improvement.

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