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The Idea

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When Barneys shared with us that a significant portion of their traffic was coming from iPads, we quickly calculated the significant positive ROI we could expect from building a native app for this constituency while simultaneously burnishing Barneys’ reputation as a leader among luxury retailers in the digital world.

User Experience

Barneys’ website is a blend of elevated content and a classic shopping interface. Fueled’s team worked to ensure these two integral components were translated into a tablet- suitable form factor. We created a menu and navigation system that allows users to easily shop a vast collection of items without being overwhelmed or feeling lost, while maintaining familiar design cues from Barneys’ existing web experience.

  • Design

    Bringing it together

    Barneys was founded in 1923. Translating a nearly hundred-year-old brand to the iPad required careful consideration by, and coordination between, Fueled’s mobile designers and Barneys’ brand guardians.

    Ultimately, we crafted a clean, modern-looking interface that balanced familiar iOS design elements and standards with a uniquely Barneys look and feel.

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    Tailor Made

    The app’s interface lets the iPad’s large display and touch-based interface shine, allowing users to swipe through appealing, large images of clothing.

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    The Window

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    No Barneys app would be complete without their signature content property, The Window. It was particularly important create the interface in a way that was compatible with content already created for The Window’s web interface so that content managers wouldn’t have to do everything twice when uploading new images.

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