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Initially, the Fueled team began by creating a night and day theme in the blueprints of the app. These were then used to explore concepts for Dayo’s app icon. The sun and moon designs were expanded upon to include planetary orbits to show the passage of time.

The Final Brand

After exploring a multitude of concepts, the final icon emerged. Two ellipses were placed within the icon grid to produce an offset orbit. A unique design that allowed the rest of the interface to flourish.

User Experience

Dayo is built on the foundation of days as the unit of sharing. Photos are passively captured leaving the user uninterrupted as their day unfolds. They are then able to create beautifully presented stories that transition from day to night.

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App Design

When it came to designing the interface of the app, the Fueled team created a whole set of unique icons based on time. These were paired with harmonious midnight navy blues and daytime whites to create Dayo’s style.

Day & Night

The day and night design is hinted throughout the whole app but where it really comes to life is when looking at a published day. The interface slides in to night view to coincide with the content it presents.

Time icon

A range of icons were created to show when a users day begins.

Photo layouts

Use different sized tiles to arrange and give prominence to your photos.


Tell the story of your day by adding comments to your photos.

Night theme

If your photos are taken at night, the dark navy theme is applied.

Add more

Upload more content as the night progressed by tapping the curate button.

Be social

Big social buttons encourage you to like, comment and share days.


The welcoming color palette opened up the opportunity to introduce a custom set of friendly illustrations. The same outline style was applied to build upon the brand identity.


Dayo captures photos passively which allows your day to remain undisturbed. When you’re ready to upload, they are already grouped and waiting.

Rich Stories

Curate your day by adding comments and organizing your media. Dayo adds the finishing touches by applying layout and transitions.


Keep up to date and be inspired by your friends in the Dayo community by seeing what days they’ve published.