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Learn about the Elevatr app, created by Fueled!

Elevatr's founder came to us with a dream. He wanted to create the ultimate entrepreneur's notebook. We turned his dream into reality, picking up accolades from Apple and a ton of users along the way.


When working with a brand whose name is a familiar physical object, it's all too easy to represent it literally. We explored a number of design options and eventually found the answer. The Elevatr's 'up' call button subtly sets a tone of simplicity and positivity.

Step 1 in the branding process for Elevatr
Step 2 in the branding process for Elevatr
Step 3 in the branding process for Elevatr
Step 4 in the branding process for Elevatr

Final Brand

We took the initial brand concept and added a backlight to the 'up button' to bring a sense of power and energy to the mark. A simple, clean font matches the tone of the emblem.

User Experience

Elevatr's guiding philosophy calls for a simple interface that gently guides entrepreneurs. It helps them keep track of and build upon their startup ideas. An incredibly straight-forward userflow represents the sharp, specific vision that guided the entire app.


An example of a userflow that Fueled created for Elevatr
Move around to see the rest of the userflow

Wireframing the User Interface

We endeavored to keep the interface simple, focusing as much attention as possible on the ideas themselves.

While working on the UI, we came up with idea of color-coding the various buckets of information that surround each idea in the system. To illustrate the concept, we made the unusual decision to add color to our blueprints.

Move around all the detail in our wireframes
An example of wireframes which Fueled created for Elevatr


Bringing it together

Elevatr's interface is clean and simple, but that doesn't mean the app isn't incredibly powerful. The bold color palette and slick animations hint at the real power under the hood.

From the small pencil icon that means 'edit' to the plus/minus expander buttons, we carefully worked to ensure every detail of the app was intuitive and simple without sacrificing functionality and ease of use.

The Welcome Screen

The first screen a user sees once the app loads is a beautiful, clean notebook and pencil. Ample effort went into creating this screen. It was designed to capture the sense of excitement and potential that you might get walking through an office supply store. The tools around you can be turned into anything.

The notebook & pencil represent the limitless potential that Elevatr helps unlock.

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The Modern Entrepreneur's Notebook

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