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Happify helps users lead more fulfilling, happier lives through a series of daily activities inspired by cutting-edge psychological research from the world's leading academic institutions. Fueled was asked to reimagine the Happify brand and website.


The Happify team tasked Fueled with a complete reimagining of their brand. We sought to imbue new energy and an air of excitement into Happify’s branding.

Happify's original logo

Refresh Concepts

Drawing inspiration from scientifically-defined “happy” colors, we developed a brand color palette, with one color for each of Happify’s activity tracks. Pairing this with a refined logotype and thoughtful photography, the brand really started to come together.

Final Brand

Happify’s now-unified branding embodies the service’s core energy and emotion. Individual activity segments within the Happify site are color-coded to align with the logo’s colors. We also developed a consistent and extensible style for the site’s iconography and typography.

Web Design

While the Happify mobile app was only created after the rebranding, Happify’s pre-existing website still needed to be realigned to match the new look. We leveraged the new color scheme, font, and updated design language to launch a refreshed, cleaner, clearer website.

App Design

Large, bold panels make for a highly approachable interface. A clean, lightweight look and feel allows users to quickly and easily navigate the Happify product on their mobile devices.

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    Users can easily keep track of their progress and completed activities, along with those of their friends, through a feed on their app’s home screen.

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    My Track

    Tracks each offer a set of challenges that users can work towards completing. The “tracks” view allows users to easily see their progress in a centralized location.

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    Regular check-ins help users to monitor their feelings and ensure regular progress.