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KeyMe lets you scan your keys and then print copies at a special kiosk or a regular locksmith. You can even digitally share your keys with friends.

User Experience

KeyMe uses complex algorithms and intelligent technology to convert photographs in to digital versions of keys. Utilizing this technology allowed us to create a refined and intuitive user experience. Simply point and scan.

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The user flow through the app was constructed by focusing on one single task, to help you replace your key. This means a consistent experience from scanning a key right through to ordering.

Purchase Options

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Once scanned, purchase as many keys as you require, store them for later or customize your key by choosing from a range of styles.

Your Digital Key Ring

With it's simple and intuitive design, cycle through a list of all your scanned keys and quickly access the one you need anytime, anywhere.

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Never Get Locked Out Again

Use KeyMe to safely and securely store your keys in the cloud. Easily share keys with members of your family from anywhere in the world.

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