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This smart little loans company in Australia uses their technology to make decisions and approvals in minutes; we were tasked to make this a little faster on iOS and Mobile, allowing customers to manage their money on the go.

User Experience

To move Nimble onto mobile we first studied their existing approval process and user interface. This allowed to gauge what was both necessary and could be dropped for expedience, while keeping the accuracy of the final loan calculation. It gave us a chance to boil the app down into a few core sections too; focusing on the users’ loan repayments, their loan credit card and a profile timeline.


Nimble had an extremely strong and unique identity to begin with. We supplemented this by designing a series of illustrations, animations and iconography to support the brand and delight users. By adding this visual interest we made the app more lively and kept the user interested through periods of waiting.





Payment Rescheduled

Payment Missed

Updated Details

Fee Incurred

Bonus Earned

Payment Made

Account Created

Loan Started

Loan Ended

Loan Rescheduled

Card Issued


App Icon

Nimble’s signature jackrabbit is approachable and friendly while having a strong sense of energy and optimism. We didn’t water this down by having the icon centred, small and alone in the middle. The line strokes were kept big and bold, and we placed the Jackrabbit running into the centre of the icon.


With the strong branding we were pushing, we didn’t want to look like any native app. Using Nimble’s new iconography, their strong colors and a bit of depth paid off in making this app stand out.

Loan Setup

We divided the Get Loan process into five sections; User Details, Verify Income, Setup Loan, Confirm and Get Money. We made these as succinct as possible to get the user a loan estimate fast. We also showed how adjusting their repayment schedule could lower their repayment fees.


Once the user takes out a loan, the dashboard becomes active and tells them their full loan amount and when the next repayments are expected, and lets them know which bank account they’re using to take repayments from. Different icons were used to denote Successful, Processing and Failed repayments.

Nimble Card

When taking out a loan the user can ask for the money to be placed on Nimble’s very own credit card. If this is initiated, the user can see their current balance and where transactions are being made to and from. They can also ask for replacement cards if needs be.


The user gets an explicit overview of all actions carried out with Nimble after they register an account. This lets them see a whole host of historic actions: Loans Initiated, Payments Made, Promo Bonuses, Contact Detail Updates and many more.


We bucketed these four sections inside the fourth section on the tab bar to allow them to edit both their profile an app settings, get Help from Nimble’s guides and customer support, and log out of the app if they wished.


We were also tasked to design the Android app to release alongside iPhone. To make this fit in the KitKat operating system, we redesigned the apps’ navigation to sit beneath a prominently branded header, while changing some of the iconography throughout to fit Google conventions.

Android left
Android right